Vocabulary - Some Handy Tools!

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go…. Well, we can work if we have the right tools that is! Therefore, this Spanish Easy Review vocabulary quiz will test you on the names of tools. After learning the name of the tools, see if you can find any of those tools around your house. Once you find them, call them by their correct Spanish name. It’s a great way to train your brain to recognize the word with the visual object it is related to.

As learning a new language requires re-training the brain, each little extra effort you take will help you tremendously in making learning that new language not such a difficult challenge but more of a fun adventure!

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So now let’s check out some handy tools.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
axe (el) hacha ă- chă (Notice that the 'h' is silent.)
broom (la) escoba ěs-kō-bă
bucket (la) cubeta coo-bāy-tă
drill (el) taladro tă-lă-drō
flashlight (la) linterna lean-těr-nă
hammer (el) martillo măr-tē-yō
ladder (la) escalera ěs-căl-ā-ră
nail (el) clavo clă-vō
pliers (los) alicates ă-lē-că-těs
rake (el) rastrillo răs-trē-yō
scissors (las) tijeras tē-hair-ěs
screw (el) tornillo tor-nē-yō
screwdriver (el) destornillador dāy-stor-nē-yă-door
shovel (la) pala pă-lă

Below there are ten sentences with each sentence having a handy tool that is capitalized. From the answers given, see if you can find the correct corresponding tool and try doing so without having to look back at this introduction.

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  1. Daddy asked me to find a DESTORNILLADOR in his tool box.
    The Spanish tool destornillador means screwdriver.
  2. Did you know that at one time nails were sold out of a CUBETA?
    The Spanish tool cubeta means bucket.
  3. I just hit the nail with the HAMMER.
    The Spanish word for hammer is martillo.
  4. Grandpa brought the big AXE to chop down our Christmas tree.
    The Spanish word for axe is hacha.
  5. Have you seen where I laid down the PLIERS?
    The Spanish word for pliers is alicates.
  6. He cried out when he stepped on a NAIL.
    The Spanish word for nail is clavo.
  7. He found the last RASTRILLO hidden behind the boxes.
    The Spanish tool rastrillo means rake.
  8. Mommy bought Uncle Charles a TALADRO for his birthday.
    The Spanish tool taladro means drill.
  9. Do you have a BROOM closet in your house?
    The Spanish word for broom is escoba.
  10. She did not want her four year old using a pair of SCISSORS.
    The Spanish word for scissors is tijeras.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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