Vocabulary - Treats to Eat!

Do you have a sweet tooth or a favorite treat that you have a special love for like, perhaps, chocolate or pie? Well, this vocabulary Spanish Easy Review quiz is all about some delicious sweet treats like candy (dulce) and cake (tarta).

Not only will you now be able to ask for treats in English but you can ask for them in Spanish as well. Either way – they taste just as amazing! So let’s see what treats can be added to your growing Spanish vocabulary list.

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candy dulce [m] dool-sāy
chocolate chocolate [m] chalk-ō-lă-tāy
custard natilla [f] nă-tē-yă
cookie galleta [f] gă-yā-tă
ice-cream helado [m] ĕl-ă-dō (notice the H is silent.)
cake tarta [f] tăr-tă
donut buñuelo [m] bŭn-nway-lō
pie pastel [m] pă-stěl (note that this can also mean cake)
pudding pudín [m] poo-dean
jello gelatina [f] gĕl-ă-tē-nă
chip chip [m] chĭp
peanut cacahuate [m] car-car-wăr-tā
popcorn palomita [f] pă-lō-mē-tă
frosting glaseado [m] glăs-ā-ă-dō
popsicle paleta [f] pă-lā-tă

Although to say 'chip' is the same in both languages, this is more the Americanized way of saying it. When you get deeper into the language and the Spanish culture, when you refer to potato chips it will be state as papas fritas.

Many of these Spanish treat words are quite different from their English counterpart so make sure you take enough time to really memorize them, both in how they sound and how they are spelled. Also, please do not miss any accent marks that might be needed. Remember that in order to become fluent in Spanish, you have to learn how to think in Spanish. Therefore, the next time you get some ice cream see if you can quickly think of it as being helado.

Now let’s take a bite out of this quiz. Below there are ten sentences with a treat word that is shown in capitalized letters. See if you can locate the correct Spanish word or English word for the treat.

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  1. I think I would like to have some JELLO for dessert tonight.
    The Spanish word for jello is gelatina.
  2. Timothy got a lot of CANDY for Halloween.
    The Spanish word for candy is dulce.
  3. Would you like some ICE-CREAM for your snack?
    The Spanish word for ice-cream is helado.
  4. Some people cannot eat CACAHUATE.
    The Spanish word cacahuate means peanut..
  5. They each got a bag of PALOMITA.
    The Spanish word palomita means popcorn.
  6. He was hungry for a glazed DONUT.
    The Spanish word for donut [doughnut] is buñuelo.
  7. Would you like a COOKIE?
    The Spanish word for cookie is galleta.
  8. He doesn’t like anything with NATILLA in it.
    The Spanish word natilla means custard.
  9. I would like a big CAKE for the table’s centerpiece.
    The Spanish word for cake is tarta.
  10. He forgot to buy the FROSTING for the desserts.
    The Spanish word for frosting is glaseado.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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