Vocabulary - Which Direction Do I Go?

Have you ever gotten lost? When you were lost, how did you go about finding how to get to where it was you wanted to go to? Most likely you had to get directions. Go north or go south or turn left or turn right. Eventually those directions got you to your destination. Now what would happen if say you were in Argentina and you needed to ask for directions? Chances are that you would not be told south, north, right or left, at least not in English. Therefore, this vocabulary Spanish Easy Review quiz will review words related to directions such as north (norte) and south (sur).

Now you get to test your sense of direction in Spanish. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the following direction vocabulary words.

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north norte [m] nor-tāy
south sur [m] sir
east este [m] ĕs-tāy
west oeste [m] ō-ĕs-tāy
northeast noreste [m] nor-ĕs-tāy
southeast sudeste [m] sūe-dĕs-tāy
northwest noroeste [m] nor-ō-ĕs-tāy
southwest suroeste [m] sir- ō-ĕs-tāy
right derecha [f] dāy-rā-chă
left izquierda [f] ēz-key-air-dă
here aquí ă-key
there allí ă-yē
near cerca sear-că
far lejos lāy-hōse (notice that the J sounds like an H)

Notice that the Spanish words for here, there, near and far are neutral words and/or non-gender specific, i.e., they are neither masculine nor feminine. Rather, they are adjectives that describe something such as: Where is the hotel? It is near. Near describes something about the hotel’s location.

After you have had a chance to study your direction vocabulary words, move on to the quiz section. The quiz is a series of ten sentences with the direction word shown in all capitalized letters. See if you can locate the correct answer that matches the capitalized direction word.

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  1. When you get to the end of the road, turn RIGHT.
    The Spanish direction word for right is derecha.
  2. She wanted her new house to face SOUTHEAST.
    The Spanish direction word for southeast is sudeste.
  3. The last time I saw them they were over THERE.
    The Spanish direction word for there is allí.
  4. The Smith family was moving EAST.
    The Spanish direction word for east is este.
  5. The captain turned the ship SOUTHWEST to avoid the approaching storm.
    The Spanish direction word for southwest is suroeste.
  6. Will you come HERE for a minute?
    The Spanish direction word for here is aquí.
  7. Do you believe that Santa lives up NORTH?
    The Spanish direction word for north is norte.
  8. How FAR do I have to go before I reach the bridge?
    The Spanish direction word for far is lejos.
  9. Early pioneers helped to settle the WEST.
    The Spanish direction word for west is oeste.
  10. Be sure to turn LEFT at the second set of lights.
    The Spanish direction word for left is izquierda.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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