What Is It Like?

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will test you on describing what something is like in Spanish. Have you ever had to describe something to someone who had never seen what you were describing or who could not see what you were describing? Have you ever tried to describe your feelings? How would you describe ‘chocolate’ or a baby ‘kitten’ to someone who had never tasted or seen one?

We each spend time almost every day trying to describe things to others. Therefore, this quiz is based on that. To do the quiz, imagine you are on the telephone with a friend and you need to describe things to them. For each of the quiz sentences below, you will be describing what is seen in the picture and then telling your friend what it is – only you will be telling them what it is in Spanish. Are you ready to begin telling them what is it like? Fantastic! Let’s begin! "Hello! What is that like?"

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  1. This is soft and silky and it is what ____ are covered in.
    This is a picture of a feather. What is covered in feathers? Birds! The Spanish word for birds is pájaros.
  2. These children all look ____.
    The children in this picture clearly look happy. The Spanish word for happy is feliz and since there is more than one child, happy, the adjective, needs to be in its plural form, i.e., felices. (Remember the 'z' becomes a 'c' per the rules of making words plural in Spanish.)
  3. It has the same tune as, "Let it ____, let it ____, let it ____!"
    This comes from a famous Christmas song that goes, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" The Spanish word for snow is nieve.
  4. The little lamb has a ____ nose and ears.
    It is easy to see that this little lamb has a pink nose and ears. The Spanish word for pink is rosado.
  5. It looks like he is lifting two weights of ____ pounds.
    This picture shows a strong man lifting two weights of five hundred pounds. The Spanish number word for five hundred is quinientos.
  6. Dinosaurs are very ____!
    To describe a dinosaur one would have to include the word big for many of them. The Spanish word for big is grande. However, we are talking about more than one dinosaur, i.e., dinosaurs, so the adjective of big must also appear in its plural form, i.e., 'grandes'.
  7. The man’s hands look old just like my ____.
    Of the four descriptions given, the first answer means 'dog'. The second answer means 'canary'. The third answer means 'baby' and the last answer means 'grandfather'. To describe these hands correctly, they would have to look just like my 'grandfather'.
  8. Well, it doesn’t look like a ____.
    For this one you are trying to describe what this giraffe isn’t. The first answer means ‘blouse’. The second answer means ‘candy’. The third answer means goat and the last answer means ‘dining room’. The best way to describe what the giraffe doesn’t look like is to compare it to another animal. The third answer is the only answer that is an animal making it the correct answer.
  9. This little chick came out of an ____ shell.
    It is clear by the picture that the little chick came out of an egg shell. The Spanish word for egg is huevo.
  10. It looks like the ground is covered in autumn ____!
    The ground is covered in autumn leaves. The Spanish word for leaves is hojas.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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