What Shall We Make?

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will test your knowledge on things that you can make, both physical and emotional. For example, giving flowers to someone can make them happy. Pets playing can make you laugh. If someone is ill, you can make them soup. So, what shall we make?

Your task here will be to draw upon your Spanish vocabulary bank of words to find a word (noun, adjective or verb) that will directly relate to things that are or were made and which are found in the pictures. It’s a pretty simple task but it will make you think! Now, let’s see if you can make a perfect score on this quiz!

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  1. Which of the following colors is not on this creation?
    This object, which is mostly yellow (amarillo), also contains the colors red (rojo), blue (azul) and green (verde). It does not contain the color orange. The Spanish word for orange is naranja.
  2. My little brother and sister MAKE their own Christmas cards.
    The first thing to do here is to determine which pronoun can replace 'my little brother and sister'. It would be 'they'. The verb of 'to make' is 'hacer'. To then say 'they make' in Spanish you would say, 'hacen'.
  3. Some people believe that dream catchers help you TO SLEEP more peacefully.
    The Spanish verb for 'to sleep' is dormir.
  4. Daddy always sends MOM his love when he is away.
    The first answer means women. That is not the correct Spanish translation of the capitalized word. The second answer means mother. Although it is close, it is not the correct Spanish translation. The third answer means mommy. Again, it is very close but it is not the same translation. The last answer means mom and/or mama.
  5. I have painted my face to look like an ANIMAL. What am I?
    On this one you will need to know how the word is spelled in Spanish. The Spanish word for animal is animal (phonetically pronounced as ă-nē-măl). It contains no accent mark and there is no ‘e’ in the word.
  6. A magical RAINBOW of colors can brighten anyone’s day!
    The first answer means snowflake. That is clearly not the correct translation of the capitalized word. The third answer means sunny. Again, not the correct translation. The last answer means cloudy. That too is not correct. The second answer, on the other hand, means rainbow and it is the correct Spanish translation.
  7. I made this clay pot with my own HANDS.
    The Spanish word for hands is manos.
  8. His sparkling EYES make me smile with delight!
    The Spanish word for eyes is ojos.
  9. A nice quilt like this will help me stay WARM on a cold winter night.
    The Spanish word for warm is caliente. Note that is also means hot in Spanish. It covers both words.
  10. CHILDREN love to carve pumpkins for Halloween!
    From the picture you can see that this group of children include both a boy and girls. When you have a mixture of boys and girls you always use the masculine form of the word. The first and last answers are feminine forms so they can both be eliminated. The Spanish word for children is niños. This means that the second answer is the correct Spanish translation for children.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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