What Time Is It?

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will focus your attention on events in your life that are related to what time it is. Have you ever noticed that the most asked question is that of, 'What time is it?' That is because our lives revolve around time. Time to get up, time to get dressed, time to eat, time to go to school, time to go to work, time to go home, time to go shopping, time to celebrate, time to have fun, time to feed the pets, time to take out the trash, time to go to bed. The list goes on and on so we are always concerned about time.

With time in mind, this quiz will focus your attention on events and/or items that are related to time. For example: When I turn 16, it will be time to get my driver’s license.

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Therefore, there will be a total of ten sentences that have to do with something related to time. Your task is to locate the correct Spanish word that matches the all capitalized word in each sentence. What time is it now? See how long it takes you to take this quiz. Ready…begin!

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  1. Looks like it is time to eat some CAKE!
    The Spanish word for cake is tarta.
  2. The fireworks went off right at MIDNIGHT!
    The Spanish word for midnight is medianoche.
  3. It is time to go sledding in JANUARY.
    The Spanish word for January is enero.
  4. It’s time TO PLAY a game of cards.
    The Spanish verb for to play is jugar.
  5. Time to play music wearing my new pair of JEANS.
    The Spanish word for jeans is vaqueros.
  6. At recess time the children love to run on the GRASS!
    The Spanish word for grass is pasto.
  7. I don’t believe now is the time to go TO SLEEP.
    The Spanish verb for to sleep is dormir.
  8. Looks like it is time TO JUMP to make the basket!
    The Spanish verb for to jump is saltar.
  9. I guess I will have TO STUDY tonight for another test tomorrow.
    The Spanish verb for to study is estudiar.
  10. Is it really time to take my head off my PILLOW?
    The Spanish word for pillow is almohada.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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