What's On Your Face?

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will see how well you can describe what is on your face using your Spanish vocabulary. So, what is on your face? That could lead to many different answers. For girls (who are old enough), there could be make-up on their face. There could be party paints – like people often wear when they go to sporting events. It could also be expressions such as a happy smile or sad eyes or a runny nose.

Did you know that you can learn a lot about a person by just looking at their face? There is an expression that goes something like, ‘the eyes are the pathway to the soul’. Without ever saying a single word, the face can speak volumes of words!

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Now that you have had a little Spanish background, this quick quiz has been designed to see what you can see on people’s faces or just about any other Spanish words that can be used to describe the face or items that can surround or be near to the face (like hair). That should be enough of an explanation to prepare you for the quiz. Now, read each sentence carefully, think about the capitalized word, and then see if you can find the correct Spanish answer. At the end of the quiz, when you get to see your score, what expression will be on your face?!

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  1. Do you HAVE a favorite eye-shadow color?
    The Spanish verb for have when the pronoun is 'you' (formal) is tiene.
  2. I look good in my green HAIR, eyeglasses and cape!
    The Spanish word for hair is pelo.
  3. Only a few people can get away with bright, PINK lips.
    In this sentence the color pink is an adjective. Adjectives take on the singular or plural form of the word they describe. As lips are being described and lips are plural, the adjective needs to be plural. The Spanish word for pink is rosado and since it needs to be pluralized, it is rosados.
  4. We are all dressed up for HALLOWEEN.
    Okay, this should have been a really easy one as Halloween is the same in Spanish and in English.
  5. I have my EYE on you.
    The Spanish word for eye is ojo.
  6. I love TO BUY new make-up!
    The Spanish verb for 'to buy' is comprar.
  7. Do you know WHICH holiday people would wear this at?
    The Spanish word for which is cuál.
  8. There’s almost nothing as fun as being with your FRIENDS!
    As there are all girls in this picture you know you need to use a feminine word form. Therefore, the first and third answers can be eliminated as they show the masculine form. Hermanas means sisters. That is not the correct translation for friends. The Spanish word for friends when they are all girls is amigas.
  9. Please don’t get any make-up on my SHOULDERS.
    The Spanish word for shoulders is hombros.
  10. Looks like they even painted her NOSE.
    The Spanish word for nose is nariz.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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