Which Way To Go?

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you to find which way to go by pointing you in the right direction. If you do not know the right way to go, you could find yourself going round and round and round until, where you stop, nobody knows. Come to think of it, that is a line in a children’s school yard game where the person who is ‘it’ is blindfolded, spun around several times and then let loose to find another child standing in a circle around them.

In one version of this school yard game, the children standing in the circle will yell out a compass direction to the blindfolded, somewhat dizzy, child to see if they can get their bearings and then find the selected person in the circle. The children can only yell out – east – west – north – south and so on to give direction.

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It can be quite a comical game as the blindfolded person has to determine the directions solely on sound and not on site. Luckily for you, however, you will get to see pictures and read sentences to help you find which way to go. Of course, the way to go must be in Spanish! Are you up for the game! Then you’re it!

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  1. Cacti will be found in the U.S. deserts out ____.
    Cacti like the ones found in this picture will be found in the U.S. deserts out west. The Spanish word for west is oeste.
  2. Santa Claus’ mailbox reads the ____ Pole.
    Santa’s mailbox clearly reads the North Pole so all you need to know is how to spell north in Spanish. That would be norte.
  3. The person holding this compass is standing ____ of it.
    You need to look at the compass points and then look at the hands holding the compass. Where would you think the body of the person who is holding the compass is standing? The compass is pointing to the south. South in Spanish is sur.
  4. Should I go to the left or to the ____.
    The first answer means right. The second answer means fork. The third answer means chair and the last answer means seed. As you are looking for a direction, only the first answer points you to a direction, i.e., to the right.
  5. What does SE mean on the compass?
    The letters SE on a compass mean southeast. In Spanish this is sudeste. Note that in the Spanish word for southeast the letter 'r' in sur (south) is changed to a 'd'.
  6. You will find buildings like this in the Middle ____.
    You will find buildings like this in the Middle East. East in Spanish is este.
  7. Penguins live up ____ in the Arctic.
    Penguins live up north in the Arctic. The Spanish word for north is norte.
  8. WHICH way should she go?
    The second answer reads 'when'. The third answer reads 'who'. The last answer reads 'where' and the first answer reads 'which'.
  9. You DECIDE which direction to go. (singular familiar)
    The first answer means 'you (plural familiar) decide'. That is not the proper pronoun form. The third answer means 'you (singular formal) decide'. That, too, is not the proper pronoun form. The last answer means 'you (plural formal) decide'. Again, that is not correct. The second answer reads, 'you (singular familiar) decide'.
  10. I say we go NORTHWEST.
    Here you will need to know the correct spelling of the given direction, i.e., northwest. The Spanish word for northwest is noroeste.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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