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Do you love to go shopping? Shopping can be very fun, especially when you are buying things for your loved ones! And, perhaps, the best shopping of all is that done for Christmas! With that in mind, this writing Spanish Easy Review quiz will have you revisit some words that are associated with Christmas shopping.

Throughout many of the quizzes you have been given the task to take the time to practice pronouncing the new and/or previously learned Spanish words that were given to you. You were instructed to watch for their spelling, to pay close attention to any accent marks or tildes, to understand the rules of how words can change from their singular state to their plural state and to recognize that words are either masculine, feminine or neutral.

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These tasks were given to help encourage you to really get to know your new foreign words. Now it is time to add another layer to your learning. That layer is to start writing your words. So let’s start with some fun Christmas shopping words.

For each of the vocabulary words below, get out a piece of paper and write each English word down and then beside it write each Spanish word (including the definite article that may go with each word). Wherever there is an accent mark, practice writing the accent mark in. If you feel adventurous, try writing both the singular form of the word and the plural form. You’ll have to remember the rules behind making words singular or plural to get the right spellings.

As you may recall, learning a new language means retraining the mind to recognize and associate the new language with objects. By starting to write out your words, the brain is now learning the strokes of the words. The more you practice writing, the more embedded those words will become engrained into your thoughts. Now let’s see what those new words are.


candle vela [f] vāy-lă
cider sidra [f] sē-dră
slippers pantuflas [f] păn-tū-flăs
gloves guantes [m] hwăn-těs (Notice the ‘g’ has an ‘h’ sound.)
mitten mitón [m] mē-tŏn
scarf bufanda [f] boo-făn-dă
chimney chimenea [f] chē-mā-nā-ă
Santa Claus Papá Noel [m] Pă-pă Nō-ăl (Means ‘Father Christmas’.)
reindeer reno [m] rāy-nō
bell campana [f] căm-păn-ă
sled/sleigh trineo [m] trē-nāy-ō
wrapping paper papel de envolver pă-pěl dāy ěn-vŏl-vār
holly acebo [m] ă-sāy-bō
wreath corona [f] kō-rō-nă
present presente [m] prā-sěn-tāy
gift regalo [m] rāy-gă-lō

Below there are ten sentences with one word that is in all capitalized letters. From the answers provided, see if you can locate the correct translation of the word that has been capitalized.

The added task for you is to take a blank sheet of paper and list the numbers 1 through 10 on the left hand side of the paper, putting one number on a separate line. Then look at the quiz sentences, find the one that you believe to be the correct answer and write it down on your paper beside its corresponding number. For example: 1. (b) Feliz Navidad. If you should get an answer wrong, cross out the wrong answer on your paper and write in the correct Spanish answer. Are you ready? Then begin the quiz!

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  1. Danny bought his brother a new pair of warm GLOVES.
    The Spanish word for gloves is guantes. A single glove would be guante.
  2. Jared got a new SLED for Christmas!
    The Spanish word for sled is trineo. Two sleds would be trineos.
  3. Nelly bought twenty CANDLES to put in the windows.
    The Spanish word for candles is velas. A candle would be vela.
  4. Daddy made sure the CHIMNEY was clean for Santa Claus.
    The Spanish word for chimney is chimenea. Several chimneys would be chimeneas.
  5. Mother bought a statue of a REINDEER to put on the lawn.
    The Spanish word for reindeer is reno. Eight reindeers would be renos.
  6. There were many GIFTS under the tree!
    The Spanish word for gifts is regalos. One gift would be regalo.
  7. Every Christmas Santa gave everyone a new pair of SLIPPERS!
    The Spanish word for slippers is pantuflas. One slipper would be pantufla.
  8. Dickson found a MITTEN that would match the one he lost.
    The Spanish word for mitten is mitón. A pair of mittens would be mitones. Did you remember the rule that: When a noun ends in the letter n or s and an accent mark is in the last syllable of the singular form of the word, the accent mark gets dropped in the plural form of the word?
  9. Janet bought Christmas BELLS to hang on her front door.
    The Spanish word for bells is campanas. One bell would be campana.
  10. They bought five gallons of CIDER for the Christmas Eve party.
    The Spanish word for cider is sidra. A variety of ciders would be sidras.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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