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In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be experiencing a bit of culture by looking at some of the arts. Culture is what defines a people, even a nation. That same culture can have tremendous impact on the emotions, beliefs and behaviors of people around the world, not only in the present time, but throughout history, both past and present. In short – culture is timeless. That is especially true with the culture of fine arts. In appreciation for culture, this quick picture quiz is going to introduce you to a little bit of culture that has helped to shape all of us.

Some cultural arts will bring back memories while others can take part in shaping our future. Whether it was past or present - each has helped to change us for the better, either directly or indirectly.

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Using your Spanish vocabulary, you can now describe some of these wonders in Spanish. For each bit of culture that is shown in the quiz pictures, either locate the correct Spanish cultural word that will translate the capitalized word or that will fit into the blank space in the given sentence.

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  1. Now this is what is known as a CLASSIC car!
    The Spanish word for classic is clásico.
  2. Pull back the curtain as someone is about to make a ____ entrance.
    The first answer means dramatic. The second answer means stagecoach. The third answer means terrace and the last answer means spicy. The cultural word that fits into the blank in this sentence is dramatic.
  3. This is a ____ of a musician!
    The first answer means spinach. The second answer means sculpture. The third answer means streamer and the last answer means tracker. The cultural word that fits into the blank in this sentence is sculpture.
  4. This is from the OPERA Madam Butterfly.
    The Spanish word for opera is ópera. The only difference between English and Spanish is the accent mark above the 'o'.
  5. She is a great ____ who plays a guitar.
    The first answer means musician (female). The second answer means drummer. The third answer means juggler and the last answer means musician (male). The second and third answers can easily be dismissed. As the sentence and picture show a 'she', the female version of the word needs to be used making the missing word be música.
  6. This patio is decorated in a ____ style.
    The first answer means Renaissance. The second answer means contemporary. The third answer means comedy and the last answer means modern. You can now quickly eliminate the third answer. You really need to know a little about decorating styles to get this correct but it is easy to tell that it is not the Renaissance style. Think of King Henry VIII for that style. That leaves contemporary and modern. Contemporary has soft lines and more subdued colors whereas modern has straight lines and bold colors and patterns. Looking at the picture there are more straight lines in the furnishings and bold colors and patterns in the furnishings. Therefore, this is a modern designed patio.
  7. The musicians are practicing in the CONCERT HALL.
    The Spanish words for concert hall are sala de concierto.
  8. These two are stage ____.
    The first answer means barns. The second answer means actors. The third answer means alligators and the last answer means bows (taken from rainbows). The clear answer that will fit into this sentence is: These two are stage actors.
  9. You will find many ____ books in church.
    The first answer means hymns. The second answer means books. The third answer means hands and the last answer means hollies. The clear answer that will fit into this sentence is: You will find many hymn books in church. As hymn is being used as an adjective here it must take on the plural form of books. Therefore, himnos is in the plural form.
  10. This young lady is on her way to becoming a great ____.
    The first answer means singer. The second answer means craft. The third answer means magician and the last answer means artist. The clear answer that will fit into this sentence is: This young lady is on her way to becoming a great artist.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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