A Day At The Airport

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be looking at items that can be found during a day at the airport. Have you ever flown on an airplane? It is quite an experience. However, before you even get to the plane, you have to go through the airport itself which is bustling with all kinds of activities and people. You could literally spend an entire day at the airport and still not see everything there is to see – and experience. However, since you are in the study of learning how to speak Spanish, let’s narrow your day down to using Spanish to describe what you might see or what you might need at the airport.

Each of the ten pictures shown below will give you a great clue as to what you are looking for. The sentences that go with the pictures each contain a missing word. From the answers provided, see if you can locate the missing word that not only will fit into the sentence but will also relate to what the picture is showing you. Now, let’s do some travelling!

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  1. Many people go walking through the airport ____.
    This one should be a rather easy one as many people go walking through the airport terminal. Notice that the word terminal is the same in both English and Spanish. Just the pronunciation is slightly different.
  2. My ____ flight begins!
    The first answer means oil. The third answer means trolley. The last answer means plow and the second answer means airplane. The Spanish word that will fit into this sentence properly is avión which means airplane.
  3. Look how happy the ____ is to see you!
    The second answer means bear. The third answer means bottle. The last answer means bullet and the first answer means baby. Clearly the correct word that will fit in is baby.
  4. If you are going out of the country you will need your ____.
    The first answer means pigeon. That’s not likely. The third answer means picture. That one is possible but let’s see if something else fits better. The last answer means pasture. That would be difficult. The second answer means passport. Now that seems to be the most likely answer as you do need a passport (that contains a picture) to go out of the country.
  5. All airports have an observation ____.
    The first answer means lounge. The second answer means store. The third answer means room and the last answer means tower. Each of these can be found at an airport. However, the word that goes with the picture is a tower.
  6. Oh no! He ____ his plane.
    The first answer means pushed. The second answer means taught. The third answer means missed and the last answer means elected. The only word that fits into this sentence and matches up with the picture is missed.
  7. Do you see your ____ listed?
    The first answer means destination. The second answer means defense. The third answer means district and the last answer means depot. The only word that will fit into this sentence and match up with the picture is destination or destino.
  8. We have our ____!
    The first answer means tires. The second answer means tickets. The third answer means rockets and the last answer means trunks. The word that will fit into the sentence and matches up to the pictures is tickets.
  9. That looks like a lot of ____ for one trip.
    The first answer means polls. The second answer means streams. The third answer means suitcases and the last answer means costumes. The clear winner here is suitcases.
  10. Every flight needs an experienced ____ and stewardess.
    The first answer means painter. The second answer means protocol. The third answer means plumber and the last answer means pilot. Every flight needs an experienced pilot!

Author: Christine G. Broome

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