A Special Evening!

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be going out in the evening to see what things can make it special. Do you like to go out to fancy restaurants every now and then? Dining out appears to make people feel extra special – especially when they get very good service. Add on some amazing appetizers, main meal and dessert and it’s like being royalty for a couple of hours. It’s also a great time to bond with family and friends. Sometimes, it can even be a nice time to have a romantic evening with a special someone!

So, are you ready for a special evening out? Then this quick picture review quiz is going to give you that opportunity. Of course, the opportunity will come in the form of Spanish! In other words, your order is to fill in the blank spaces with a Spanish delight or replace a capitalized word with an evening find. The pictures will be giving you’re the clue of the answer needed.

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  1. What would a romantic dinner be without ____?
    What would a romantic dinner be without candles? The Spanish word for candles is velas.
  2. Meals are made to taste so much better when put together by a professional ____.
    Meals are made to taste so much better when put together by a professional chef. Here you have a really easy one because chef is the same in both English and Spanish.
  3. Here you are presented with delicious COCKTAILS!
    The Spanish word for cocktails is cócteles.
  4. This is a fancy way to present you with a scrumptious DESSERT!
    The Spanish word for dessert is postre.
  5. Let’s take a look at the MENU to see what to order.
    To get the correct answer here you must know how to spell menu in Spanish. That would be menú. There is an accent mark over the 'u'.
  6. Don’t you love it when they display a ____ as a fan!
    Don’t you love it when they display a napkin as a fan! The Spanish word for napkin is servilleta.
  7. May I present you with a PLATTER of salad makings?
    The Spanish word for platter is bandeja.
  8. There is a proper way to place SILVERWARE beside a plate.
    The Spanish words for silverware are vajilla de plata.
  9. A TABLECLOTH makes a table look more elegant!
    The Spanish word for tablecloth is mantel.
  10. It is always a better eating experience when you have a great WAITER!
    The Spanish word for waiter is mesero.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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