A Visit to Town 1

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be going to town and looking around at what the town has to offer. As you visit the town, you will see several different places. The pictures located here are GREAT so hopefully they will inspire your brain to associate the pictures with the Spanish words for each of the quiz sentences. The places are shown in all capitalized letter.

The quiz should run rather quickly so hold on fast to your seat and begin your visit to town!

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  1. There is always a lot of excitement at a STADIUM!
    The Spanish word for stadium is estadio. Be careful not to confuse it with the first answer which means state.
  2. I love to go to the BAKERY to get fresh bread!
    The Spanish word for bakery is panadería.
  3. We’re going to the CHAPEL and we’re going to get married!
    The Spanish word for chapel is capilla.
  4. It is so exciting to begin COLLEGE!
    The Spanish word for college is colegio.
  5. Hopefully we can settle our dispute in COURT.
    The Spanish word for court is corte.
  6. Have you ever had the chance to visit a FIRE STATION?
    The Spanish words for fire station are estación de bomberos.
  7. I wish my pantry shelves were as organized as the shelves in a GROCERY STORE.
    The Spanish words for grocery store are tienda de abarrotes.
  8. The pharmacist at my PHARMACY is always smiling!
    For this one you will need to know how to spell pharmacy in Spanish. It is farmacia. There are no accent marks.
  9. Mother goes to the MARKET every Wednesday for the best vegetables.
    The Spanish word for market is mercado.
  10. You should mail your letters at the POST OFFICE.
    The Spanish words for post office are oficina de correos.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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