A Visit to Town 2

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be once again going to town and looking around at what the town has to offer. Towns are filled with places to go – some for fun, some for work, some out of necessity. The pictures displayed with each quiz sentence will match along with the given capitalized English word. Your quick task is to see just how quickly you can match the capitalized word to its Spanish counterpart. Do not forget to check on the spelling because some words may look alike but only one is the correct answer. Now, it is time to continue on with your visit to town!

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  1. Some religions have TEMPLES to worship in.
    This one was a little easy don’t you think because temples in Spanish is templos.
  2. Do you like to keep all of your money in a BANK?
    Once again this appears to be an easy one as bank in Spanish is banco. These kinds of words make learning Spanish a little easier!
  3. Just about every city has a CITY HALL.
    Now, getting to know this word takes a little more time because the Spanish word for city hall is ayuntamiento.
  4. MUSEUMS are wondrous places to visit and learn!
    The Spanish word for museum is museo.
  5. One place you probably won’t want to visit is the POLICE STATION.
    You will need to know the correct Spanish spelling to get this answer correct. The Spanish words for police station are estación de policía. There is an accent mark over the 'o' in estación and an accent mark over the second 'i' in policía.
  6. I love the sound of music in a CONCERT HALL!
    You will need to know the correct Spanish spelling to get this answer correct. The Spanish words for concert hall are sala de concierto. There are no accent marks on any of the words. The first, second and third answers all show accent marks which means they are all incorrect and can be eliminated. Only the last answer shows no accent marks.
  7. With so much information on the internet nowadays, people do not get the chance to visit a LIBRARY much anymore.
    The Spanish word for library is biblioteca. It got its name because, centuries ago the Bible was kept in a special place. As time went on, more books were added. Therefore, biblioteca is the place where the Bible is kept and today we know this is the library.
  8. Did you know that a UNIVERSITY is really a place of many colleges?
    To get this one right you need to know how to spell university in Spanish. That would be universidad. There are no accent marks.
  9. A GAS STATION always brings on a feeling of relief when the gas gauge has been on or below 'E' for a while.
    The Spanish word for gas station is gasolinera. Do not confuse this with the third answer which means gasoline – the kind that goes into your car.
  10. SCHOOL is fun and getting out of school is even better!
    The Spanish word for school is escuela.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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