At the Parade

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz we will be taking you to a parade to see what can be found there. Come on, who doesn’t love a good parade? Parades are lots of fun no matter what the celebration is and people of all ages love them. They are also a great way to show our appreciation for people who serve us such as the military, the police and the firemen. They also help us to reflect on our past history and our accomplishments and to give us a peek at what the future may hold.

Parades also give each of us a moment to celebrate our friends and family – especially if they are one of the lucky ones who gets to actually participate in the parade itself. This is true all over the world and in every language imaginable. However, for this quiz, you are going to get to celebrate a parade in Spanish. Now I bet that wasn’t a surprise to you!! So pull up a chair, have some fun and begin to watch the parade – seeing how quickly you can pick out the correct Spanish parade items that will match up to the capitalized words!

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  1. My goodness – that’s an awful lot of STREAMERS!
    The Spanish word for streamers is serpentinas.
  2. Now I believe that COTTON CANDY is for children of all ages!
    The Spanish word for cotton candy is algodón.
  3. Parades generally have several MARCHING BANDS.
    To get this answer you will need to know how to spell marching bands. The Spanish words for marching bands are bandas de marcha. There are no accent marks.
  4. One of my favorite parts of a parade is when the old VEHICLES roll by!
    This one should be pretty easy because the Spanish word for vehicles is vehículos.
  5. What would a parade be without CLOWNS!
    The Spanish word for clowns is payasos.
  6. Nutcrackers made good parade SOUVENIRS!
    The Spanish word for souvenirs is recuerdos.
  7. Here you have a lively, colorful FLOAT!
    The Spanish word for float is flotador.
  8. Now that, folks, is what I call a CROWD!
    The Spanish word for crowd is multitud.
  9. Parades are where everyone gets to join in on the CELEBRATION!
    To get this answer you will need to know how to spell celebration in Spanish. That would be celebración. There is an accent mark over the 'o'.
  10. Everyone stands up when the ARMY goes marching by!
    The Spanish word for army is ejército. Note that the J has an H sound.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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