Beastly Beasts

This Spanish Medium Review picture quiz will have you looking at some beastly beasts like foxes and buffalo. If there is one thing that never grows old it is the practice, or enjoyment, of watching animals. It doesn’t matter if they are as small as a mouse or as large as an elephant. It doesn’t matter if they have long hair or no hair at all. What matters is our joint connection to the planet and to each other! That connection crosses all kinds of barriers, including the barrier of language.

Luckily for you, by learning Spanish you too are crossing barriers! Taking this little, quick picture quiz is just one fun way to see how man and beastly beasts connect in mutual respect and admiration! (And you get to do a little connection through the use of your Spanish!) Remember – there is always a little beauty in every beast!

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Below you will find ten sentences with each sentence containing an all capitalized word. Your beastly challenge is to quickly locate the Spanish translation of the capitalized words. Now, let’s roar into action!

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  1. The TUCAN bird has been the face of Fruitloop cereal for decades.
    Now this one shouldn’t have been too difficult because the Spanish word for tucan is tucán. The only difference is the little accent mark above the 'a'.
  2. This is a BADGER and not a skunk.
    The Spanish word for badger is tejón.
  3. Doesn’t this CHEETAH look regal?
    The Spanish word for cheetah is guepardo.
  4. It is not often that you see two FOXES together.
    The Spanish word for foxes is zorros.
  5. My, that FROG is colorful!
    The Spanish word for frog is rana.
  6. That, my friend, is how a GIRAFFE smiles!
    The Spanish word for giraffe is jirafa.
  7. So that’s what a HEDGEHOG looks like!
    The Spanish word for hedgehog is erizo.
  8. Have you ever had a LIZARD as a pet?
    The Spanish word for lizard is lagarto.
  9. There are a lot of SQUIRRELS in the park.
    The Spanish word for squirrels is ardillas.
  10. The BUFFALO is a proud beast!
    Yes, this is another really easy one! The Spanish word for buffalo is búfalo. There is only one F in Spanish, as well as an accent mark above the 'u'.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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