Bringing It Together

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be looking at bringing things together in a collection. One huge hobby that many people have throughout the world is that of collecting an item that is special to them. That item could be almost anything such as the collection of salt and pepper shakers from every state and/or country that one may visit. It could be a collection of rocks or a collection of sports’ cards such as baseball cards. Some people even collect buttons. The list can go on and on.

With the thought of collecting an item in mind, each picture found in the quiz below will show a collection of a specific thing. That thing is shown in all capitalized letters. Your task is to quickly collect the proper Spanish translation of the capitalized words. Are you ready for that hobby? Then let’s start collecting!

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  1. There are many different SOAPS to choose!
    The Spanish word for soaps is jabones. Note that the J sounds like an H.
  2. A nicely displayed BUTTERFLY collection.
    The Spanish word for butterfly is mariposa.
  3. You will need a NOTEBOOK to keep some collections well organized.
    The Spanish word for notebook is cuaderno.
  4. My cousin has a huge DOLL collection.
    The Spanish word for doll is muñeca.
  5. How long will it take you to find the right KEY?
    The Spanish word for key is llave.
  6. Do you remember the days when people played RECORDS instead of CDs?
    The Spanish word for records, when you are referring to the object which contains musical sound, is discos. Spanish also has another word for records, i.e., registros. Registros would be used when you are referring to evidence or documentation such as a person's school records or information kept at a courthouse.
  7. Many people have sea SHELLS collections.
    The Spanish word for shells is conchas.
  8. Looking through daddy’s STAMP collection.
    The Spanish word for stamp is sello.
  9. What a colorful ROCK collection!
    The Spanish word for rock is roca.
  10. Grandmother has many TEAPOTS in her collection!
    The Spanish word for teapots is actually a word you have not had as of yet in this quiz series, although some of you may have had it in one of your Spanish classes. However, you can eliminate three of the answers as you have had each of those. The Spanish word for teapots is teteras.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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