Creepy Crawlies

Do you know what the study of insects is called? It is entomology. In Spanish that is entomología [f]. Some people seem to be extremely frightened of bugs and insects while others find them very fascinating. Either way, there is one sure thing about them and that is – many, many bugs and insects live right outside in your very own backyard or, at the very least, close by! In honor of these critters, in this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be looking at some creepy crawlies like bugs and snakes.

The quiz will show you ten sentences with each sentence containing a creepy, crawly in all capitalized letters or word that describes the creepy, crawly. See how quickly you can creep and crawl to the correct Spanish translation of that capitalized word.

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  1. The beautiful wings of a BUTTERFLY!
    The Spanish word for butterfly is mariposa.
  2. One day this HUNGRY caterpillar will turn into an amazing butterfly!
    The Spanish word for caterpillar is oruga. It is a feminine word so the adjective hungry must also be in the feminine form. The feminine Spanish word for hungry is hambrienta.
  3. This little BEE is doing his work of pollination.
    The Spanish word for bee is abeja.
  4. BEETLES can cause a lot of destruction to plants and trees.
    The Spanish word for beetles is escarabajos.
  5. This looks like a fire DRAGONFLY.
    The Spanish word for dragonfly is libélula.
  6. They say that a lady bug is one BUG that brings you good luck!
    The Spanish word for bug is bicho.
  7. Learning about ANTS can be a lot of fun!
    The Spanish word for ants is hormigas.
  8. Can you see the GREEN praying mantis in this picture?
    The Spanish word for green is verde.
  9. This little garter SNAKE looks scary but is really harmless.
    The Spanish word for snake is serpiente.
  10. Would you be brave enough to hold a huge SPIDER like this tarantula?
    The Spanish word for spider is araña. Answer (a) is correct.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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