In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be taking a look at some of life’s many gadgets. Who doesn’t love a good gadget? Can you imagine how it must have felt for your great-grandmother to get a washing machine? No longer would she have to scrub clothes on a scrub-board. Or how about the clothes drier. Now clothes didn’t have to be hung outside to dry or over racks in the house during rainy days and winter days.

Some people think that the microwave oven was the best gadget ever invented! Today, where would we be without our cellphones – more a computer than a simple phone? Of course, there are all kinds of gadgets that have simply made our lives a whole lot easier! You know a lot of these gadgets in English and you have learned how to say many of them in Spanish.

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This quick quiz, with pictures to help, will test your memory on gadgets we have all come to love to use! Imaging – you are even taking this quiz on a gadget – a computer with internet service! Now isn’t that amazing?!

The quiz contains ten sentences with one gadget mentioned in each sentence. The gadget has been shown in all capitalized letters. From the answers provided, see how quickly you can find the correct Spanish word that matches the capitalized gadget.

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  1. Smile for the CAMERA!
    The Spanish gadget word for camera is cámara. Notice the accent mark above the first 'a'.
  2. A CELLPHONE is like having a small, hand computer.
    The Spanish gadget words for cellphone are teléfono celular.
  3. RECORDING the concert for memories!
    The Spanish gadget word for recording is grabación.
  4. Learning to tell time on an analog CLOCK.
    The Spanish gadget word for clock is reloj.
  5. This looks like a CAR my grandfather had.
    This is a gadget word you learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series. The Spanish gadget word for car is coche.
  6. Now instead of desktop computers, we have LAPTOPS.
    The Spanish gadget word for laptop is portátil.
  7. Having a good LAMP to focus on your reading will help your eyes.
    This is a gadget word you learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series. The Spanish gadget word for lamp is lámpara.
  8. Television is one of the most amazing inventions!
    This is a gadget word you learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series. The Spanish gadget word for television is televisión. Notice the accent mark in the Spanish spelling.
  9. Televisions in the past needed to have an ANTENNA to get any reception.
    As you can see, many of these answers seem pretty simple. That’s a good thing. The important thing to remember, however, is to pronounce the words correctly. The Spanish gadget word for antenna is antena. Notice there it does not contain a double 'n'.
  10. At one time it was the bigger the RADIO the better it was.
    Yes, this too is a very easy one. However, listen to the difference of how the word sounds in English and how it sounds in Spanish. In English it sounds like rāy-dē-ō. In Spanish it sounds like ră-dē-ō. The first syllables are pronounced differently. The Spanish gadget word for radio is radio.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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