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In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be looking as some general jobs that people undertake. You will have to put your thinking cap on as to what kind of a job the picture is showing you. Some words may not all come from the Spanish Medium Review quiz series so be on the lookout for those. In addition, the capitalized words found in the quiz below might not actually be the job. Therefore, again, you will have to think about those words as well.

As in the other quick quizzes, there are ten sentences. Your task is to locate, as quickly as possible, the correct Spanish word that matches the capitalized word. Do not overthink your answer because overthinking can sometimes cause you to make a mistake. Go with your first instinct!

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  1. A true ARTIST can take a brush and some paint and make a masterpiece!
    The Spanish word for artist is artista. Not that this a neutral or non-gender specific word meaning that it remains the same whether the artist is a male or a female.
  2. This was in the day before computers when a SECRETARY had to use a typewriter.
    The Spanish word for secretary in this sentence is secretaria as it is showing a female and not a male. The first answer is secretary for a male so it is not correct here. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  3. Most PRIESTS either walk or ride bikes.
    The Spanish word for priests is sacerdotes.
  4. A BUILDER must always wear a hard hat at work.
    The Spanish word for builder is constructor.
  5. All high schools have a COUNSELOR who guides students through taking the right classes to get into college or a trade.
    The Spanish word for counselor is consejero. In this case, as you do not know whether the counselor is male or female, the masculine form of the word is used. If the counselor were a female, however, the word would be 'consejera'.
  6. Some POLICE have police dogs in their unit.
    The Spanish word for police is policía. It is a feminine word but it is used to describe both male police officers, as well as female police officers. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  7. This REPORTER looks like she’s having some trouble with the weather.
    As the reporter is a female, you will be looking for a feminine word. The feminine Spanish word for reporter is reportera.
  8. We are all thankful for the SOLDIERS who help to protect us.
    The Spanish word for soldiers is soldados. Note that the word remains the same for both males and females.
  9. The waiter SERVES us a wonderful dish!
    The Spanish conjugated verb for serves is sirve. The base verb of 'to serve' is 'servir'. It is an irregular verb when conjugated. The first answer has not conjugated the verb correctly. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  10. Did you ever have a favorite TEACHER in school?
    The picture is showing you whether the teacher is male or female. As it is female, you need to look for the feminine form of the word, as well as the singular form. Therefore, the Spanish feminine word for teacher in this sentence would be profesora. It contains only one S. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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