Grammar - Can You Say My Name in Spanish?

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will learn how to say given names in Spanish. Back in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series you learned several different names and how they were spoken. Those names included Alejandro (Alexander), Amanda (Amanda), Ana/Anna (Ann, Anne or Anna), Cristina (Christine), Davíd (David), Eduardo (Edward), Emilia (Emily), Guillermo (William), Jorge (George), José (Joseph), Juan (John), María (Mary and Marie), Pedro (Peter), Roberto (Robert), Sara (Sarah), Esteban (Stephen) and Tomás (Thomas). However, there are many, many more names that can be added to your Spanish names list. It is important to note here that not every English given name has a Spanish equivalent. When this happens, a person’s name will remain the same in both languages although the pronunciation will often be slightly different.

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To continue on with adding given names to your vocabulary bank, this quiz will cover 16 additional names that do have a Spanish equivalent. Those names include the following.


Alfred Alfredo Ăl-frāy-dō
Anthony Antonio Ăn-tō-nē-ō
Charles Carlos Căr-lōs
Daniel Danilo Dăn-ē-lō
Dorothy Dora Door-ă
Elizabeth Isabel Ēase-ă-bĕl
Henry Enrique Ěn-rē-kāy
Jeremy Jeremías Hĕ-rāy-mē-ăs (notice the J has an H sound)
Joan Juana Hwă-nă
Michael Miguel Mē-gĕl
Richard Ricardo Rē-căr-dō
Patricia Patricia Pă-trē-sē-ă
Patrick Patricio Pă-trē-sē-ō
Susan Susana Soo-săn-ă
Timothy Timoteo Tĭm-ō-tāy-ō
Walter Gualterio Gwăl-tĕ-rē-ō

As you did in the Spanish Easy Review quiz, look closely at the given names provided in the following ten quiz sentences. Without looking back at the introduction, see if you can find the correct Spanish equivalent of the capitalized name and make certain it is the correct spelling. Now, let’s see if you can say my name in Spanish!

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  1. King HENRY III had many wives. Some he had beheaded.
    The Spanish name for Henry is Enrique.
  2. Thriller was one of MICHAEL Jackson’s biggest hits.
    The Spanish name for Michael is Miguel.
  3. Do you know who played DOROTHY in the Wizard of Oz?
    The Spanish name for Dorothy is Dora.
  4. WALTER looked everywhere for his glasses until he realized they were sitting on his head.
    The Spanish name for Walter is Gualterio.
  5. They were reading the story about DANIEL in the lions’ den.
    The Spanish name for Daniel is Danilo.
  6. TIMOTHY was the name of the little boy who owned Lassie.
    The Spanish name for Timothy is Timoteo.
  7. CHARLES Dickens wrote The Christmas Carol.
    The Spanish name for Charles is Carlos.
  8. Can you see if JOAN will be available to babysit tonight?
    The Spanish name for Joan is Juana.
  9. They named their new baby PATRICK.
    The Spanish name for Patrick is Patricio. There is no accent mark in the name. Patricia is Spanish for Patricia (notice the same spelling) not Patrick.
  10. ANTHONY had to be home by midnight if he wanted to go with his father in the morning.
    The Spanish name for Anthony is Antonio. There is no accent mark in the name.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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