Have One on Us!

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will see a number of nice cold and hot drinks that you can have on us. Sometimes when it is hot outside you want something that is very cold. Other times when it is cold outside, you want something that is rather hot.

At other times when you want something to drink, you want it to be healthy while at other times you could really go for something that is very, very sweet. Some drinks go great with breakfast and some drinks go great with a romantic meal. Whatever it is that you want, with this quiz, you can have one on us!

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Once again you will be shown ten sentences. Each sentence contains one all capitalized word. From the answers given below the sentences, see if you can quickly locate the capitalized Spanish word’s refreshing counterpart. So, if you are ready to have one on us, then drink up and begin the quiz!

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  1. Wow, don’t these fruit JUICES look refreshing!
    The Spanish word for juices is jugos.
  2. Oh this cup of COCOA looks absolutely scrumptious!
    The Spanish word for cocoa is cacao. Notice how the vowels are reversed from English to Spanish.
  3. On a really hot day, I just love a good, cold MILKSHAKE!
    The Spanish words for milkshake are batido de leche. This translates as shake of milk.
  4. When I was a child we always drank WATER out of a hose to keep us cool in the summer.
    The Spanish word for water is agua. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  5. I tried BEER once but I didn’t like the taste at all.
    The Spanish word for beer is cerveza.
  6. How do they make the designs in the CREAM?
    Okay, this should have been another really easy one as the Spanish word for cream is crema. That’s one of the fun parts about Spanish. Many words are easy to tell what they are referring to even if you aren’t studying the language.
  7. A pitcher of nice cold MILK.
    The Spanish word for milk is leche. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  8. Coke is one of the more popular SODAS.
    The Spanish word for soda is gaseosa. Could that be because it gives some people gas? Just wondering!
  9. Did your grandmother have a TEA kettle like this one?
    The Spanish word for tea is té. Yup, another really easy one! Still, you need to remember the accent mark. (This was learned in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series.)
  10. A bottle of red WINE goes great with crackers and cheese.
    The Spanish word for wine is vino.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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