In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be doing some homework by quickly recognizing items found in a classroom. For many people, just hearing the word homework makes them cringe. It’s one of those necessities in life that you would like to do without. However, it is through homework that people learn the most. Take these quizzes on this site. Each quiz requires that you do homework before taking them. You could try taking the quizzes without doing the necessary work beforehand, but chances are that you will not get very good scores.

Doing homework on a regular basis translates to getting good scores, also on a regular basis. That is if you do your homework in the right way, i.e., giving it your total attention and good, proper concentration.

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We generally relate homework with school and that is really where this quick quiz is going to focus. Each of the ten quiz pictures shown below relates to school. Your task, if you have already done your homework, is to see how quickly you can translate the capitalized words found in each of the sentences. If you have done your homework then please begin the quiz now. Your score will reflect whether you did your homework well or not. If not, all the means is that it is time to put in a little more effort. The retake the quiz and see how much you can improve your score.

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  1. Every student seems to have lots of TEXTBOOKS.
    The first answer means learning books. The second answer means educational books. The third answer means cook books. Finally, the last answer means textbooks.
  2. We JUMP for joy when school is out!
    The capitalized word is a verb. It is in the present tense and will need to use the pronoun form for we. The second answer means we laugh. The third answer means we journey. The last answer means we cry. Finally, the first answer means we jump.
  3. You will need many ERASERS in your math class.
    The first answer means experts. The second answer means rulers. The last answer means weights and the third answer means erasers.
  4. I read one BOOK. There are now only 99 more to go!
    The first answer means basket. The third answer means library. The last answer means box and the second answer means book.
  5. Looks like the girls like their new TEACHER!
    For this one you will need to know how to properly spell teacher in Spanish. As this is a male teacher a masculine word is needed. The first and last answers show feminine words so they can be eliminated. The Spanish masculine word for teacher is profesor.
  6. You can never have too many CRAYONS.
    The second answer means magic markers. The third answer means inks. The last answer means dyes. Finally, the first answer means crayons.
  7. Did you ever have a DESK like the ones in this picture?
    The first answer means bird. The second answer means backyard. The third answer means ceiling and the last answer means desk.
  8. He has TO THINK about the answer.
    The first answer means to plow. The third answer means to freeze. The last answer means to procrastinate and, finally, the second answer means to think.
  9. Looks like lots of HOMEWORK for tonight.
    The first answer means holly. The second answer means grandson. The last answer means hopscotch. Finally, the third answer means homework.
  10. Nowadays almost every student has a LAPTOP.
    The first answer means binder. The second answer means notebook. The third answer means computer and the last answer means laptop.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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