I Spy with my Little Eye

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be reviewing different parts of the eye. Have you ever heard the saying that 'the eyes are the mirrors of the soul'? Without saying a single word, the eyes alone can speak volumes. They are, of course, one of the five sensors. Through sight alone, you learn so much. Learning how to read Spanish is one thing that your eyes do for you. Looking at pictures can also tell you many more things. Therefore, you will need to use your eyes to find the answers to this quick quiz. It is all about things you can spy with your little eyes!

Read each quiz sentence or question carefully and see how quickly you can spy the correct Spanish answer.

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  1. Some people get their EYEBROWS plucked.
    The Spanish word for eyebrows is cejas.
  2. This picture is showing you the eye of what animal?
    The first answer means goat. The second answer means cat. The third answer means horse and the last answer means dog. This is the eye of a cat. Cat in Spanish is gato.
  3. That is some interesting make-up on her EYELID.
    The Spanish word for eyelid is párpado.
  4. This young boy is getting an eye ____.
    The first answer means team. The second answer means stick. The third answer means test or exam and the last answer means stone. The only answer that fits well into the blank is examen (for exam or test).
  5. Wow! This owl has very large ____.
    The black center of the eye is known as the pupil and this owl has very large pupils. The Spanish word for pupils is pupilas.
  6. Sad, and even happy, movies can cause our eyes to shed these.
    Sad, and even happy, movies can cause our eyes to shed tears. Tears in Spanish is lágrimas.
  7. There are so many ____ to choose from.
    The first answer means watches. The second answer means glasses. The third answer means vases and the last answer means grooms. The answer that fits into the sentence in relation to the picture is gafas (or glasses).
  8. The ____ of your eye is green.
    The first answer means lens. The second answer means rod. The third answer means cone and the last answer means iris. The iris is the colored part of the eye. Therefore, the last answer fits into the sentence as it would read: The iris of your eye is green.
  9. These spectacles are kept neatly in a small ____.
    The first answer means tambourine. The second answer means suitcase. The third answer means saucer and the last answer means rocket. Clearly these spectacles (also known as glasses) are kept neatly in a small suitcase.
  10. This lady is putting a contact on her ____.
    The first answer means face. The second answer means nose. The third answer means eye and the last answer means forehead. Clearly this lady is putting a contact on her eye.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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