Language - It is Just the Opposite!

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will once again be looking at words that are opposite of each other. In fact, this quiz is a sister quiz to the Spanish Medium Review quiz titled Language: Opposites Attract!. The only difference between these two quizzes is that in the previous quiz you were given a list of opposite words. Here there is no list. Rather, the quiz below contains ten sentences with one word that will be shown in all capitalized letters. You will need to find the word that is the opposite of the capitalized word. This means that you will have to draw upon your memory bank of Spanish words.

As an example of what you will need to do, if the sentence reads: He must SIT for one hour. You will need to determine what the opposite of SIT is. It would be STAND. The new sentence would then read: He must STAND for one hour.

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Take your time and think about the words before you choose an answer. Some answers might mean the same thing or be a totally different thing. That means you will need to concentrate. Now, if you think you are ready, then begin – ahh end – no begin the quiz!

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  1. Ramona will have to CARRY the load.
    The Spanish verb for to carry is cargar. The opposite of to carry is to drop. The Spanish verb for to drop is dejar caer which literally translates as 'leave fall'. Only dejar gets conjugated.
  2. Mama wanted to CRY when everyone yelled, 'Surprise!'
    The Spanish verb for to cry is llorar. The opposite of to cry is to laugh. The Spanish verb for to laugh is reír. It is one of those strange irregular verbs and this one has an accent mark on the IR ending.
  3. Betty was very HAPPY to see her old boyfriend.
    The Spanish word for happy is feliz and the opposite of happy is sad. The Spanish word for sad is triste.
  4. All of the children were EXCITED to see the alligator!
    The Spanish plural word for excited is emocionados. The opposite of excited is nervous. The Spanish plural word for nervous is nerviosos.
  5. Jamie wanted to buy a WHITE car.
    The Spanish word for white is blanco. As white is describing the car it must take on the form of the car which is a masculine word. The opposite of white is black. The masculine Spanish word for black is negro.
  6. Daddy woke up at NOON.
    The Spanish word for noon is mediodía. The opposite of noon is midnight. The Spanish word for midnight is medianoche.
  7. He is just a BABY.
    The Spanish word for baby is bebé. We know that we are talking about a male as the pronoun he is being used. So what would be the opposite of a baby? It would be a man. The Spanish word for man is hombre.
  8. Ned was very TALL.
    As the capitalized word tall is describing Ned you know that it must use the masculine form. The Spanish word for tall is alto. The opposite of tall is short. The Spanish word for short is corto.
  9. GRANDFATHER came to my birthday party.
    The Spanish word for grandfather is abuelo. The opposite of grandfather is grandmother. The Spanish word for grandmother is abuela.
  10. Nikki would like to LIVE in Hawaii.
    The Spanish verb for to live is vivir. The opposite of to live is to die. The Spanish verb for to die is morir.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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