Let The Band Play

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will review some instruments and the emotions they invoke. One of the best things that everyone should do is to learn how to play at least one instrument. Not all instruments are complicated to learn. Take the simple triangle! However, just being able to play an instrument seems to bring harmony to a person’s inner being.

Learning to play an instrument can help a person to be able to focus in on the tiniest details. They can instantly see whether a note should be played long, short, for how many beats, whether it is sharp or flat and so on. All of that thinking and understanding is done in a millisecond but it takes time and practice to get there. Still, the process of learning to read music to play an instrument is a great way to learn just about everything else in life, including learning a new language.

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There is a rhythm to learning and music teaches you that rhythm. So, for this quick quiz we are going to focus on some musical instruments and see how quickly your mind/brain can process the Spanish word for each instrument. Do you think you are in tune enough to make 100%! Well, then, let’s start playing!

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  1. Can you play the GUITAR?
    To find the right answer here you need to know how the Spanish word is spelled. The Spanish word for guitar is guitarra. Note that there are two R’s and that there are no accent marks in the word.
  2. She’s that young and already a CONDUCTOR!
    The first answer is Spanish for maid. The second answer is Spanish for attendant. The last answer is Spanish for neighbor. The Spanish word for conductor is directora as we are referring to a female here..
  3. Looks like he FEELS the music.
    The Spanish verb for feels when the pronoun is he and it is in the present tense form is siente.
  4. Listen to the steady beat of the DRUM.
    The Spanish word for drum is tambor.
  5. What do you CALL that thing in the center?
    The Spanish verb for call when, in this case, the pronoun is the singular familiar form, is llama.
  6. A band of Scottish bagpipe players can make great MUSIC.
    The Spanish word for music is música.
  7. You don’t see JUKEBOXES like this anymore.
    This one might have been a little difficult because you might not have learned the word for jukebox. Still, you can start by eliminating the words you do know. The first answer is Spanish for cellos. The second answer is Spanish for French horns. The last answer is Spanish for saxophones. That leaves you with the third answer which is Spanish for jukeboxes. And now you do know the word (or words)!
  8. The BIG bands perform in concert halls.
    As bands is plural, the adjective that describes them must be in the plural form as well. The Spanish adjective word for big is grande. Therefore, the Spanish word for big here is grandes.
  9. Learning to play the VIOLIN takes a lot of practice.
    Okay, this had to be an easy one because the Spanish word for violin is violín. However, their pronunciation is different.
  10. Do you love the silky sound of a great SAXOPHONE?
    To find the right answer here you need to know how the Spanish word is spelled. The Spanish word for saxophone is saxófono. There is an accent mark over the first 'o'.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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