Let's Play Ball

Are you into sports or simply keeping in shape? If so, playing ball is a great way to accomplish both! Just as learning Spanish exercises the mind, playing ball exercises the body. Therefore, in this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be reviewing some fun sports that require you to play ball!

The quiz pictures show you different ways you can exercise the body. This quiz, itself, is going to exercise your mind! It’s the best of both worlds! So do some warm ups. Stretch those muscles, and then jump into the quiz! Each quiz sentence contains a capitalized word. Your challenge is to quickly locate the Spanish answer that will match up to the capitalized word. All warmed up? Then let’s play ball!

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  1. It is always a good idea to do some EXERCISES before playing a vigorous game.
    The Spanish word for exercises is ejercicios.
  2. A fun game of VOLLEYBALL on the beach.
    The Spanish word for volleyball is voleibol.
  3. Anyone up for a game of TENNIS?
    This one should have been pretty easy because the Spanish word for tennis is tenis. The Spanish word only has one 'n'.
  4. All hands in for SOCCER!
    The Spanish word for soccer is fútbol. Remember that if you want to say football in Spanish it must be said as fútbol americano.
  5. How good are you at playing POOL?
    The Spanish word for pool (as in billiards) is billar.
  6. I brought my MARBLES to challenge you!
    The Spanish word for marbles is canicas.
  7. You’re never too young to LEARN how to play hockey.
    The Spanish verb for to learn is aprender.
  8. It takes coordination to balance on this big, purple BALL.
    The Spanish word for ball is pelota.
  9. Do you think the BASKETBALL will fall into the net?
    The Spanish word for basketball is baloncesto.
  10. BASEBALL is one of the top American sports!
    The Spanish word for baseball is béisbol.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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