Lucky Dip 1

In this first of five Spanish Medium Review picture quizzes you will be stretching your mind to see how many Spanish words you can remember. Each quiz will and can be about anything from people, to colors, to verbs, to animals and so on. Because each quiz sentence can be about anything, you will have to really focus and stretch your mind to cover all of the Spanish vocabulary words you have learned thus far. The pictures will be a great aid for you. So do a few neck stretches, shoulder rotations and back twists and then relax. You have done the practice, now it is time to see the results! Ready? Then let’s dip in and see how quickly you can locate the Spanish translation of each capitalized word.

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  1. The amazing sunset has made everything look like AMBER.
    The Spanish word for amber is ámbar.
  2. A dog is a man’s BEST friend!
    The Spanish word for best is mejor.
  3. Anyone for a game of POOL?
    The Spanish word for pool is piscina.
  4. A beautiful day to watch the CLOUDS roll by!
    The Spanish word for clouds is nubes.
  5. Someone doesn’t look too happy with their COSTUME.
    The Spanish word for costume is disfraz.
  6. LANTERNS are a festive way to decorate for a party.
    The Spanish word for lanterns is linternas.
  7. It is breathtaking how FAR you can see!
    The Spanish word for far is lejos.
  8. Here you have a wall of GLASS BALLS.
    The Spanish words for glass balls are bolas de vaso.
  9. She smiled and raised her hands as the opinion POLLS were in her favor.
    The Spanish word for polls (note that it is not 'poles') is encuestas.
  10. She MISSED sleeping in her own bed.
    The Spanish past tense verb for she missed is extrañó.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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