Lucky Dip 2

In this second of five Spanish Medium Review picture quizzes you will dip into your mind to see how many Spanish words you can remember. The series has been designed to help challenge you and to show you just how much you really do know and how much you can actually remember all of your Spanish words. That includes literally any of the Spanish vocabulary words you have learned throughout the Spanish Easy Review quiz series and the Spanish Medium Review quiz series.

To help you strengthen your learning and memorization abilities, each picture shown in the quiz section below should stimulate your memory, as well as help you to visualize Spanish words with actions, things and events. For example, when you look at a table your mind thinks table and visualizes a table. Now you are trying to get your mind to think and visualize mesa.

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Therefore, to practice this thinking and visualizing process, for each of the quiz’s capitalized words, see how quickly you can think and visualize its Spanish counterpart and then see if one of the answers given matches up.

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  1. Hope these three HANG in there.
    The given sentence contains a present tense verb. Next you need to determine the pronoun that can replace 'these three'. That would be they. The first answer is the present tense verb form for they grasp. It is not the correct verb. The second answer is the present tense verb form for they hold. It, too, is not the correct verb. The last answer shows the past tense verb form for they hung so it is not correct. The third answer shows the present tense verb form for they hang.
  2. Now that is one pink BIRTHDAY cake!
    The second answer means bison. The third answer means bridle. The last answer means cave. Finally, the first answer means birthday.
  3. GRIZZLIES are great fish catchers!
    The first answer means hedgehogs. The second answer means geese. The third answer means bobcats and/or wildcats and the last answer means grizzlies. (NOTE: Sometimes grizzly bears are also referred to as brown bears so osos pardos can also be used to say brown bears.)
  4. You do not have to shout because I am not DEAF.
    The first answer means blind. The third answer means ugly. The last answer means thin and the second answer means deaf.
  5. How about a game of CHESS?
    The first answer means cheek. The second answer means cherry. The last answer means cheese and the third answer means chess.
  6. FOOTPRINTS in the sand.
    The second answer means feet. The third answer means fingers. The last answer means foreheads and the first answer means footprints.
  7. Would you like to be a BUILDER?
    The first answer means juggler. The third answer means administrator. The last answer means nun and the second answer means builder.
  8. One day he hopes to become a SCIENTIST.
    The first answer means priest. The second answer means drummer. The third answer means science and the last answer means scientist.
  9. You will need these when the SUN is out.
    The first answer means son. The second answer means rain. The third answer means snow and the last answer means sun.
  10. Now that is a funny FACE.
    The first answer means neck. The second answer means ear. The last answer means chin and the third answer means face.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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