Lucky Dip 4

In this fourth of five Spanish Medium Review picture quizzes you will continue to dip into your mind for the right Spanish word. By now you should be very familiar with how this series of quick picture quizzes work. If you have not already taken the Picture Review Quiz: Lucky Dip 1, Picture Review Quiz: Lucky Dip 2 and the Picture Review Quiz: Lucky Dip 3 quizzes, it is strongly recommended that you check those quizzes out first as they will get you into the flow of how to work this quiz.

Once again, the quiz sentences below can be about anything and use any Spanish words that you have learned in the Spanish Easy Review and/or Spanish Medium Review quiz series, as well as what you may have learned in a classroom. Your task is to see how quickly your brain can visualize the Spanish words for the capitalized words using the aid of the given pictures. Now, once again, let’s dip you brain into the quiz!

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  1. Would you like to be an undersea DIVER?
    The first answer means down. The second answer means donut. The third answer means farmer and the last answer means diver.
  2. Anyone up to playing a game of DOMINOS?
    This one should have been an easy one as dominos (in its plural form) is spelled the same in both English and in Spanish. In the singular form, such as for one domino, it would be spelled as dominó. Note the accent mark above the second 'o'.
  3. This big DEER is a fine buck.
    The second answer means cow. The third answer means lamb. The last answer means lobster and the first answer means deer.
  4. Some people love to go to DOG races.
    The first answer means ostrich. The second answer means monkey. The last answer means spider and the third answer means dog.
  5. Everyone is festive at a wedding CELEBRATION.
    This one is relatively easy as celebration in Spanish is celebración. Make note of the spelling and accent mark.
  6. I can imaging the panic when they realize that they have lost their KEYS.
    The first answer means keyboards. The second answer means key rings. The third answer means kilos (measurement of weight) and the last answer means keys.
  7. There are several BOATS ready to rent.
    The first answer means boots. The second answer means bones. The last answer means bows and the third answer means boats.
  8. I wonder what life would be like for a PIRATE.
    The second answer means pilot. The third answer means parsley. The last answer means pickle and the first answer means pirate.
  9. Hanging SHELLS on strings makes for a good windchime!
    The first answer means sheep. The third answer means shawls. The last answer means screens and the second answer means shells.
  10. Hikers often travel along a mountain STREAM.
    The first answer means straw. The second answer means streamer. The last answer means stick and the third answer means stream.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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