Lucky Dip 5

In this fifth and final dipping Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will once again dip inside your memory for the right Spanish words. If you have already taken the previous four quizzes in this series then you understand how this series is set up and what is required of you.

In order to really learn how to speak Spanish you need to be able to think in Spanish. Being able to do that takes time and lots of practice. Having pictures to help is one of the best ways to get that brain to quickly flow in two (or even more) languages. In fact, the entire series of picture quizzes found here, as well as those found in Spanish Easy Review quiz series, and which will be revisited in the Spanish Difficult Review series, will be among the most important quizzes that will actually give you the best practice and comprehension of learning how to think and visualize in Spanish. Being able to do both of these is essential if your goal is to one day be able to speak fluently in your new language.

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Now, look at each quiz sentence and the capitalized word contained within it. Also look at the pictures and then visualize the Spanish word that will match. Do this as quickly as possible and see if you were able to get the right answer as the right answer will be found among one of the four given answers.

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  1. They say that bright colored FROGS are often poisonous.
    The second answer means foxes. The third answer means gazelles. The last answer means gerbils and the first answer means frogs.
  2. The Earth is located in the Milky Way GALAXY.
    This one should be a relatively easy one as galaxy in Spanish is galaxia.
  3. There are many SPICES on this table.
    The first answer means tarragon. The third answer means pepper. The last answer means peppermint. Although they are all spices, they are not the Spanish word for spices. The Spanish word for spices is especias.
  4. I can almost smell the VEGETABLES cooking.
    The second answer means veins. The third answer means beets. The last answer means carrots and the first answer means vegetables.
  5. Some people collect stamps in a NOTEBOOK.
    The first answer means note. The third answer means book. The last answer means marble and the second answer means notebook.
  6. Does this look like a rocking SEAHORSE to you?
    The first answer means racoon. The second answer means rooster. The third answer means hummingbird and the last answer means seahorse.
  7. Would you like a slice of PIZZA?
    Here you have a very easy one as pizza is the same in both English and Spanish!
  8. I don’t think you can fit anything else into that SUITCASE.
    The first answer means sugar. The second answer means trunk. The third answer means tablecloth and the last answer means suitcase.
  9. You see a number of these kinds of TOWERS in the country.
    The first answer means towels. The second answer means tiles. The last answer means ties and the third answer means towers.
  10. Having some fun in a convertible RED CAR!
    The first answer means red trolley. The third answer means red trailer. The last answer means red truck and the second answer means red car.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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