Math - Measuring in Spanish!

This Spanish Medium Review quiz you will take a look at measuring in Spanish. To begin with, you have now learned how to count in Spanish. That means counting from 0 (zero) all the way up through the billions. You have also learned how to add, subtract and multiply big numbers in Spanish. Now you will have one more math quiz to delve into and that is how to measure things in Spanish.

Measuring includes distances such as inches and miles. It also includes quantities such as cups or gallons. The measurements can be either in their English form of measuring or in their Metric form of measuring. So let’s take a look as some of the more basic forms of measuring.

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angle ángulo [m]
centimeter centímetro [m]
cup taza [f]
decimeter decímetro [m]
depth profundidad [f]
distance distancia [f]
gallon galón [m]
gram gramo [m]
inch pulgada [f]
kilo kilo [m]
kilometer kilómetro [m]
length longitud [f]
liter litro [m]
measurement medida [f]
meter metro [m]
mile milla [f]
millimeter milímetro [m]
near cercano [m]
pint pinta [f]
quart cuarto de galón [m]
volume volumen [m]
width ancho [m]
yard yarda [f]

For the most part, the Spanish versions of the words are very similar to their English counterparts. Because of the many similarities in words, this should hopefully make this quiz fun and quick. However, to make it just a bit more challenging, take the quiz without looking back at the introduction. Of course be sure to take some time to study the words first!

Now let’s measure just how well you can do!

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  1. Give them an ____ and they’ll take a mile.
    This is a very popular saying. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. The Spanish word for inch is pulgada.
  2. He could not tell the ____ of the water.
    The first answer means depth. The second answer means liter. The third answer means near and the last answer means angle. The answer that best fits into the sentence is: He could not tell the depth of the water. The Spanish word for depth is profundidad.
  3. Jared took the MEASUREMENT of the room.
    The Spanish word for measurement is medida.
  4. There are 5,280 feet in one ____.
    There are 5,280 feet in one mile. The Spanish word for mile is milla.
  5. She had to pick up six GALLONS of milk for the daycare.
    To find the correct answer here you need to know the correct spelling. The Spanish word for gallon is galón. When a word has an accent mark in the last syllable and that word is then made plural, the accent mark is dropped. Therefore, there should be no accent mark in the pluralized word. The first and last answers show an accent mark so they are not correct. In Spanish, only one L is in the word. The second answer shows two L’s so it is not correct. The third answer shows the correct spelling and translation for the word gallons.
  6. Today in our math class we learned all about ANGLES.
    The Spanish word for angle is ángulo. As the accent mark is not in the last syllable, it remains in the plural form of the word. Therefore, the Spanish word for angles is ángulos.
  7. Medicines are measured in ____.
    Medicines are measured in grams. The Spanish word for grams is gramos.
  8. She was a QUART low on oil in her car engine.
    The Spanish word for quart is cuarto de galón.
  9. He was very NEAR to the finish line!
    The Spanish word for near is cercano.
  10. Which of the following is not part of the metric system?
    The first answer means kilometer and it is part of the metric system. The third answer means millimeter and it, too, is part of the metric system. The last answer means decimeter. Again, it is part of the metric system. The second answer on the other hand means width and it is not part of the metric system.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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