In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will get to look at the Spanish names of several fun games because it is now playtime! Personally, I honestly believe that you are never too old to have a little playtime. The games may change but everyone loves to play! What kinds of games do you like to play? Are you a good strategist? Are you a gracious winner or a poor loser? Do you just enjoy the time you get to spend with family and friends? Just a few questions to give you something to think about.

Playing games really helps to develop the mind, just like learning a new language. How can you beat your opponent? How can you name something in Spanish?

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The more you play the game and the more you practice your new Spanish vocabulary words, the more likely you will come out on top a winner! With that now implanted in your mind, let’s combine the two – games and Spanish.

Do you love competitions? Then this is right up your alley! So put your thinking cap on, work on your strategy and start playing the game. This game has ten sentences with each sentence containing a capitalized English word. In order to win, you MUST find the Spanish word that can replace the capitalized English word. It’s time to race you to the finish!

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  1. Many games use DICE in order to play them.
    The Spanish word for dice is dados.
  2. Did you ever play board GAMES when you were young?
    The Spanish word for games is juegos. Note that the J sounds like an H.
  3. When it is raining outside, a game of CARDS is a great way to spend your time.
    The Spanish word for cards is tarjetas. Note that the J sounds like an H.
  4. You really have to concentrate to play a good game of CHESS.
    The Spanish word for chess is ajedrez. Note that the J sounds like an H.
  5. Have you ever build a design with DOMINOS just so you could topple them?
    Yes, this one was very easy because the plural Spanish word for dominos is dominos! However, remember that the singular form, i.e., domino, is spelled as dominó with an accent mark.
  6. This is an indoor way to play SOCCER.
    The Spanish word for soccer is fútbol.
  7. WHICH games do you think these pieces belong to?
    The Spanish word for which is cuál.
  8. As a child I was the neighborhood HOPSCOTCH champion!
    The Spanish word for hopscotch is rayuela.
  9. The best part about MARBLES is collecting the different designs.
    The Spanish word for marbles is canicas.
  10. Do you remember the days when playing jump ROPE was fun?
    The Spanish word for rope is cuerda.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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