Reading Comprehension - I Can Read Spanish! (Quiz 2 - Back & Forth)

This is the second quiz in this series of I Can Read Spanish! quizzes. The entire purpose of this series of quizzes is to help you with being able to understand what you are reading and to help you to quickly toggle your brain back and forth between English and Spanish to find the proper translations. So that is what this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will do, i.e., test your reading comprehension by going back and forth.

In order to do that, some quiz questions and/or sentences will be in Spanish, some in English and then some of the given answers will be in Spanish and some in English. It’s a ping-pong competition for the brain!

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In order to one day become fluent in Spanish (and any other language), your brain needs to be able to play this ping-pong game so fast that you don’t even know it is playing. That goal is still a little ways down the line for you but your brain has already begun to play. It may be slow – even sloppy at times – but it is learning how to play that game!

In the first quiz you were given simple Spanish sentences that you needed to find the English translation to. In this quiz, all ten sentences will be in English with each sentence having a blank space. You need to fill in that blank space with the correct Spanish word that will properly complete the sentence. The quiz should go rather quickly! Ready to hit that ping-pong ball? Then, you’re up!

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  1. The candidates took a ____ of the people to see where they stood.
    The first answer means pipe. That word does not fit into the sentence. The second answer means pole but it is not the right kind of pole. The third answer means poll as in an election poll. Finally, the last answer means hill. That doesn’t fit into this sentence at all. As there are candidates there must be an election which means that the third answer shows the correct kind of a poll.
  2. Jared watched for any signs of ____ grown on the north side of the trees.
    The first answer means moss. The second answer means forest. The third answer means ravine and the last answer means shrub. Neither a forest, a ravine or a shrub grows on the side of a tree. However, moss does.
  3. They had to find ____ before the storm hit.
    The first answer means gorge. The second answer means height. The third answer means shelter and the last answer means ridge. In order to find protection before the storm hit they had to find shelter.
  4. The ____ pulled a rabbit out of a hat.
    The first answer means drummer. The second answer means magician. The third answer means juggler and the last answer means craft. What type of person can pull a rabbit out of a hat? A magician.
  5. Poison is often shown as cross bones over a ____.
    The first answer means patella. The second answer means skull. The third answer means fibula and the last answer means sternum. Poison is often shown as cross bones over a skull.
  6. When you cry you shed ____.
    The first answer means cones. The second answer means rods. The third answer means tears and the last answer means eyelids. Hopefully you only shed tears.
  7. Smoking can damage your ____.
    The first answer means kidney. The second answer means liver. The third answer means skin and the last answer means lung. Although smoking can affect each of these, it is mostly associated with the lungs.
  8. In the wild, wild west people travelled by ____.
    The first answer means limousine. That is definitely not right. The second answer means rocket. Not during that time. The third answer means balloon. Nope, that’s not right either. The last answer means stagecoach. Now that does fit.
  9. A cobra, a python and an asp are all different types of ____.
    The first answer means snakes. The second answer means hornets. The third answer means butterflies and the last answer means bugs. A cobra, a python and an asp are all different types of snakes.
  10. Does anyone have a ____ so I can hold my pants up?
    The first answer means earring. The second answer means pin. The third answer means bracelet and the last answer means robe. If you want to hold your pants up you will need a pin.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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