Reading Comprehension - I Can Read Spanish! (Quiz 3 - Spanish to English)

You have now come to the third quiz in the Spanish Medium Review I Can Read Spanish! quiz series. Each quiz has been designed to make your brain work in several different ways to transition between English and Spanish. In the first quiz you were given simple sentences in Spanish which you then had to find the English translation to. In the second quiz you were given sentences in English that each contained a blank space. You had to fill that blank space with one of the given Spanish answers to complete the sentence. Now in quiz 3 you will test your reading comprehension by translating from Spanish to English.

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Do you have your thinking caps on? Then take a look at the following quiz sentences. As you can see, each sentence is in Spanish and contains a blank space that you will need to fill in. There are four English answers but only one will properly complete the sentence. As you learned in I Can Read Spanish! (Quiz 2 – Back and Forth), your brain is going to be playing ping-pong so, once again, think about your strategy and then start the ball going!

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  1. George Washington y Abraham Lincoln fueron ____.
    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were Presidents.
  2. Él posee la ____ de carne.
    This sentence reads: He owns the ____ of meat. Neither the second, third nor last answers fit in. However, the first answer does as the sentence would read: He owns a store of meat. It could also be translated as: He owns a meat store.
  3. Ella encubre en el ____.
    This sentence reads: She hides in the ____. The first, third and last answers can now be quickly eliminated leaving the second answer. That reads as: She hides in the closet.
  4. Comen ____ al mediodía.
    This sentence reads: They ate ____ at noon. Which meal of the day is eaten at noon? Breakfast is eaten in the morning. Brunch is eaten late morning. Dinner is eaten in the evening. Lunch is eaten at around noon.
  5. Madre pone el pavo en una ____.
    This sentences reads: Mother put the turkey on a ____. She would definitely not put the turkey on a drill, on a wood or on a cup. She would put the turkey on a platter.
  6. Ella cortó el ____ del bebé.
    This sentence reads: She cut the ____ of the baby. Looking at the answers given, the only word that can properly fit in is hair. This way the sentence translates as: She cut the hair of the baby. In English we would most likely translate this is: She cut the baby’s hair.
  7. Él escribió con una ____.
    This sentence reads as: He wrote with a ____. Looking at the given answers, the only word that can properly fit in to complete the sentence is the third answer. Now it reads: He wrote with a pen.
  8. El hombre fue ____ de un árbol.
    This sentence reads: The man was ____ from a tree. Looking at the given answers, the only word that will fit in properly to complete the sentence is the first answer. It now reads: The man was hung from a tree.
  9. Rapunzel vivió en una ____.
    This sentence reads: Rapunzel lived in a ____. If you know the story, Rapunzel lived in a tower.
  10. El agricultor conducía un ____.
    This sentence reads: The farmer drove a ____. Although a farmer could technically drive (or ride) each of these, the best answer to fit in is the third answer making the sentence read: The farmer drove a tractor.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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