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In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will be getting the chance to look as something special, i.e., spectacular sites. The task that you will now have is to locate a Spanish word that you can use to help describe something in each of the pictures. The word that you need to locate must fit into the blank space in order to complete the sentence. While you take the quiz, take a little extra time to look at each picture and then see if you can think of any other Spanish words that could be used to describe what you see. I bet you’ll surprise yourself with how many other Spanish words you can come up with! Okay, now it is time to start looking at some amazing sites!

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  1. That sure is a high ____!
    The first answer means lake. This is, however, not a lake. The second answer means river. Again, it is not a river. The third answer means stream. That, too, is not correct. The last answer means waterfall. Now that is the answer you are looking for.
  2. What a very clean ____!
    The first answer means pail. I don’t even see a pail so that can’t be it. The third answer means wave. I don’t see any waves either. The last answer means shovel. Nope, there is no shovel. The second answer means beach. Now that does fit in!
  3. Exploring an underground ____.
    The second answer means charade. That definitely doesn’t fit. The third answer means mine. It could be close but not for this picture. The last answer means clue. Ah, there is no clue here. The first answer means cave. Now that fits in very nicely.
  4. These cave ____ are glowing purple!
    The first answer means shells. There are no shells here. The second answer means ropes. Nope, there aren’t any ropes either. The last answer means rings. Definitely not a picture of glowing purple rings. The third answer means rocks. Now that’s what the picture is showing!
  5. I see only one set of ____ in the sand.
    The first answer means divers. Nope, there are no divers here. The second answer means females. Don’t see any females either. The third answer means cheetahs. There are no cheetahs in the picture either. The last answer means footprints. Now that is in the picture.
  6. This mountain looks so ____!
    The first answer means deaf. That is not a word to describe the mountains. The third answer means ugly. They are hardly ugly. The last answer means slow. Again, not a word to describe the mountains. The second answer means majestic. Now that does describe the mountains! (Note that since majestic is an adjective, it takes on the plural form of the word mountains – which is a feminine word in Spanish.)
  7. This looks like the California redwood ____.
    The second answer means circus. Nope, the picture is definitely not a picture of a circus. The third answer means contest. Don’t see any contest taking place. The last answer means card. Not sure where that fits in. The first answer means forest. Now that does fit in!
  8. Looks like it is a full ____ tonight!
    The first answer means star. Nope, that’s not in this picture. The second answer means dust. There could be dust but it doesn’t complete the sentence. The last answer means axis. That, too, does not describe the picture. The third answer means moon. Now there you have it!
  9. You can find many lakes in the mountain ____.
    The first answer means ridges. Nope, that doesn’t complete this sentence. The third answer means trials. That, too, doesn’t fit into the sentence. The last answer means shrubs. Nope, no lakes are found in mountain shrubs. The second answer means valleys. Yes, that is it!
  10. A pink fish swims among the ____.
    The first answer means gorge. That definitely does not fit in here. The second answer means moss. Nope, that’s not what the fish is swimming among. The third answer means shelter. That, too, is not correct. The last answer means coral which does fit in!

Author: Christine G. Broome

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