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In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be tested on your Spanish spelling. First stop – 1st base! You were first introduced to this little subseries of quizzes in the Spanish Easy Review series. If you have ever been to a baseball game or have seen one on TV, you know that in baseball you have a 1st base, a 2nd base, a 3rd base and, if you hit the ball out of the park, you get to run by all of these bases all the way back home. That’s called a homerun! Getting to 1st base is a lot easier than getting to 2nd base and then it is a lot harder to get to 3rd base. Getting a homerun is the most difficult and yet the most satisfying! That is the whole concept behind this subseries of quizzes.

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Here in Spelling Baseball – 1st Base! you will simply be given a single word in either English or Spanish. From the answers provided, you will need to find the correct translation of that word. When you get to Spelling Baseball – 2nd Base! you will be given two words and then so on with the remaining two subseries. Hopefully you have been paying very close attention to all of your words and their spelling. Remember to see if the word is a verb and, if so, whether it is in the past tense or the present tense. Now, let’s see how quickly you can get to 1st base!

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  1. cub
    A cub is a small animal. The first answer means zebra. The second answer means camel. The last answer means alligator and the third answer means cub.
  2. napkin
    The second answer means breakfast. The third answer means tablecloth. The last answer means manner and the first answer means napkin.
  3. homework
    The first answer means classroom. The second answer means paper. The third answer means bell and the last answer means homework.
  4. duchess
    The first answer means duke. The second answer means sportswoman. The last answer means priest and the third answer means duchess.
  5. dive
    Here you are looking for the base form of the verb 'to dive'. The first answer means 'to wish'. The third answer means 'to drive'. The last answer means 'to deliver' and the second answer means to 'dive'.
  6. headband
    The second answer means nightgown. The third answer means pin. The last answer means scarf and the first answer means headband.
  7. building
    The first answer means bakery. The second answer means courthouse. The third answer means chapel and the last answer means building.
  8. dragonfly
    The first answer means bee. The second answer means fence. The last answer means ant and the third answer means dragonfly.
  9. cottage
    The first answer means hut. The third answer means castle. The last answer means city and the second answer means cottage.
  10. send
    Here you are looking for the base form of the verb 'to send'. The second answer means 'to hold'. The third answer means 'to show'. The last answer means 'to sow' and the first answer means to 'send'.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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