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In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will once again be tested on your Spanish spelling. Second stop – 2nd base! In the first Spanish Medium Review spelling quiz you tried to get to 1st base. Now things are going to get a little more challenging as you now try to get to 2nd base.

In the first quiz of this spelling subseries you were given only one word to translate. That one word would get you to 1st base. Here in this quiz you will be given two words. If you have a noun and an adjective, make certain you put them in the correct order or your answer could be incorrect. The two words given in the quiz will either be in English or in Spanish. Your task is to find their appropriate translation among the answers. Now, put your baseball caps on and begin to swing away to see if you can get to 2nd base!

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  1. Go home.
    These two words are giving a command. When a command is given, the base verb is used. To find the correct translation you need to know the base verb for 'go'. In Spanish that is 'ir'. Therefore, 'Go home' in Spanish is 'Ir casa.'
  2. food tray
    The first answer means silverware. The second answer means tablecloth. The last answer means snack and the third answer means food tray (or tray of food).
  3. beach ball
    The first answer means surfboard. The third answer means bucket. The last answer means sandcastle and the second answer means beach ball.
  4. purple cabbage
    The Spanish word for purple is violeta. As each answer has this correctly translated, the only thing left to translate is cabbage. The Spanish word for cabbage is col.
  5. potato chip
    To find the correct answer here you need to know how to spell potato. The correct Spanish spelling for potato is patata. It contains no accent marks. As a note, you can say 'potato' two different ways in Spanish, i.e., patata, as used here, and papa, with no accent mark.
  6. small kitchen
    The first answer means short hair. The second answer means long hall. The third answer means bad cougar and the last answer means small kitchen.
  7. farm animal
    The first answer translates as loft of animal or animal loft. That is not correct. The third answer translates as boat of animal or animal boat. Again, that is not correct. The last answer translates as animal of estate or estate animal. That, too, is not correct. The second answer translates as animal of farm or farm animal.
  8. key ring
    The second answer means oil. The third answer means tire. The last answer means windshield and the first answer means key ring.
  9. fast car
    The Spanish word for car is coche. This has been translated correctly in each answer. Coche is a masculine word which means that the second and last answers can be eliminated as they show the feminine form. The masculine Spanish word for fast is rápido. It has an accent mark above the 'a'.
  10. slow week
    The first answer means late of week or late week. The second answer means army slow or slow army. The third answer means screen and the last answer means week slow or slow week.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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