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This Spanish Medium Review picture quiz will take you on a journey through some wonderful spices that will help you in spicing things up! If you were blindfolded and given something to eat without ever seeing it, do you think you could tell what it was that you were eating? Could you tell the difference between Italian food, Mexican food, Asian food, Indian food, American food, etc.? How can you tell the difference if you don’t see the food?

Two things help you – smell and taste. But what are you smelling and what are you tasting? Chances are that you are smelling and tasting spices! Spices are what makes food come alive to our taste buds. Spices are what makes our food enjoyable! You can put tomato sauce on pasta and the dish would be okay but now add some oregano, salt and pepper, parsley, garlic and basil and that tomato sauce brings you to a whole new level of savory pleasure.

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Every culture has mastered their own array of spices and we all get to delve into that pleasure. Therefore, for this quick, picture quiz, we are going to dive into some wonderful spices! Naturally, you will be finding the spices as they are spoken in Spanish. To determine the spice, take a close look at each picture and then read each sentence carefully to see if you can locate the Spanish word that translates the capitalized word or fills in a blank space. Now, take a deep breath, savor the aroma, and dig in!

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  1. This quiz is all about SPICES.
    The Spanish word for spices is especias.
  2. Are you a fan of using NUTMEG?
    The Spanish word for nutmeg is nuez moscada.
  3. This pasta sauce is topped with some sweet BASIL.
    The Spanish word for basil is albahaca.
  4. Have you ever tried putting CINNAMON sticks in your eggnog?
    The Spanish word for cinnamon is canela.
  5. This orange is decorated with CLOVES.
    The Spanish word for cloves is clavos de olor.
  6. Children love to decorate GINGER cookies.
    The Spanish word for ginger is jengibre.
  7. Just a little bit of TARRAGON on some cooked chicken is scrumptious.
    The Spanish word for tarragon is estragón.
  8. To add a little color to your food, sprinkle on a little bit of red ____!
    A spice that is red and is used to add a little color is the spice known as paprika. It is spelled the same way in both English and Spanish.
  9. Some dishes are made with ALLSPICE.
    The Spanish words for allspice are pimienta inglesa.
  10. Every fine dish gets a sprig of PARSLEY.
    The Spanish word for parsley is perejil.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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