Through The Telescope

In this Spanish Medium Review picture quiz you will get the chance to look through the telescope and discover the wonders of astronomy. Astronomy (or astronomía [f] in Spanish) is the study of the sky and the bodies of planets, moons, asteroids, galaxies, comets and other celestial objects. You probably learned about some of these in your science classes. It is an amazing science filled with wonders! Just look at the pictures found in this quiz. They are breathtaking!

What is even more exciting at this point and time in your new language journey is that now you can talk about some of these wonders in Spanish! Yes, you can name many things that you might be able to see through a telescope in Spanish. Do you want to give it a try? Then let’s move forward and peek at what is up above in the skies and see if you can spot the correct translation of the capitalized words.

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  1. The UNIVERSE is such an amazing thing!
    This should be a relatively easy one as the Spanish word for universe is universo.
  2. Would you shake hands with an ALIEN?
    The Spanish word for alien is extranjero.
  3. A man on the MOON.
    The Spanish word for moon is luna.
  4. Looks like this planet is surround by ASTEROIDS.
    The Spanish word for asteroids is asteroides.
  5. There are many SATELLITES above the Earth’s surface.
    The Spanish word for satellites is satélites. That was easy, although remember that there is only one L and an accent mark!
  6. Sometimes known as Northern Lights, this picture shows you the spectacular AURORA BOREALIS.
    The Spanish words for aurora borealis are simply aurora boreal.
  7. Can you imagine the wonders she is seeing through the TELESCOPE!
    To get this one correct you need to know how to spell telescope in Spanish. That would be telescopio. There are no accent marks.
  8. This looks like a desolate PLANET.
    The Spanish word for planet is planeta.
  9. I’m not so sure that it is a good idea to strap a ROCKET to your back.
    The Spanish word for rocket is cohete.
  10. A rendition of our solar system and a far off GALAXY.
    Yes, this is another easy one because the Spanish word for galaxy is galaxia.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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