Vocabulary - A Day at the Beach!

Are you a mountain person or a beach person? Both places have their attractions and both places provide you with lots of things to do! In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be spending a day at the beach, in Spanish that is. For you mountain people – don’t worry – we will visit the mountains in another quiz. See, it’s the best of both worlds. However, let’s focus in on the beach.

The beach is alive with activity! Therefore, before you head on out, you better prepare a few items to take with you or you could wind up in a little trouble and seriously burned. You could also get a little wet if you take a paddle in the sea, so something to dry yourself on might be in order. With that in mind, let’s look at things to take to the beach and things that can be found at the beach!

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beach playa [f]
blanket manta [f]
sun lotion / sunscreen protector solar [m]
sun tan bronceador [m]
umbrella paraguas [m]
towel toalla [f]
flip flops chancla [f]
float flotador [m]
basket canasta [f]
band-aide ayudante de banda [f] (means band assistant)
sand arena [f]
pail / bucket balde [m]
shovel pala [f]
beach ball balón de playa [f]
binoculars binoculares [m]
whistle silbato [m]
surfboard la tabla de surfear [f]
waves olas [f]
camera cámara [f]
radio radio [f] (pronounced as ră-dē-ō)
sandcastle castillo de arena [m]
ski esquí [m]

That’s not too bad of a list is it? Do you think you can remember all of those beachy things! Good, then it is time to have a day at the beach! Oh wait – you have to take the quiz section first! There’s always something that slows us down in getting there….

Carefully read each sentence or question to find the right answer. If there is a word that is shown in all capitalized letters, you must find the correct Spanish word that will replace it. Now go have some FUN!

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  1. You will lose so many memories if you don’t take this with you.
    In order to keep memories it is always a good idea to bring a camera with you. Otherwise those memories can be lost. The Spanish word for camera is cámara. This has an accent mark above the first 'a'.
  2. If you don’t use this you could wind up with skin cancer one day.
    If you don’t use sun lotion you could wind up with skin cancer one day. The Spanish word for sun lotion is bronceador.
  3. Melanie brought and extra TOWEL just in case.
    The Spanish word for towel is toalla.
  4. Jimmy looked everywhere but he could not find his SHOVEL.
    The Spanish word for shovel is pala.
  5. You will need this if you want to ride the waves.
    You will need a surfboard if you want to ride the waves. Surfboard in Spanish is la tabla de surfear.
  6. Mother and father were playing with the BEACH BALL.
    The Spanish word(s) for beach ball are balón de playa.
  7. When mother blows the WHISTLE it is time to come out of the water.
    The Spanish word for whistle is silbato.
  8. Jacob had to still wear his FLOATS when he was in the water.
    You will need to know how to spell this word to find the right answer. The Spanish word for floats is flotadores. It contains no accent marks and it must have a 't' in the word. A single float would be flotador. Did you remember it needed to be pluralized?
  9. Aunt Alice sat under the UMBRELLA so she wouldn’t get a tan.
    The Spanish word for umbrella is paraguas.
  10. This quiz is about a day at the ____.
    This quiz is about a day at the beach. The Spanish word for beach is playa.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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