Vocabulary - A Trip to the Zoo

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz we will be taking a little trip to the zoo to discover some new vocabulary words. A favorite place to visit for people of all ages is the zoo! If you are an animal lover, then it will be even more exciting to be around so many different animals. Some zoos have jungle sections and aquatic sections, as well as reptile sections and aviary sections. Then there is the one that really seems to be the favorite of most people – the African Safari section! Whatever the section is, there are always wonderful animals that never cease to amaze us and fill our senses us with wonder.

Now, for this quiz we will be taking a virtual trip to the zoo through learning several new Spanish vocabulary words. When you get to take an actual trip, try taking some of these along with you so you can name the animals in both Spanish and English. But first, let’s look at the following zoo words.

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alligator caimán [m]
antelope antílope [m]
bobcat gato montés [m]
camel camello [m]
chimpanzee chimpancé [m]
cougar puma [m]
cub cachorro [m]
elephant elefante [m]
ferret hurón [m]
fox zorro [m]
gazelle gacela [f]
giraffe jirafa (hē-ră-fă) [f]
gorilla gorila [f]
hamster hámster [m]
hippopotamus hipopótamo [m]
jaguar jaguar [m] (jă-gwă)
leopard leopardo [m]
lizard lagarto [m]
llama llama [f]
ostrich avestruz [m]
otter nutria [f]
owl búho [m]
panda panda [m]
rhinoceros rinoceronte [m]
seal foca [f]
tiger tigre (tē-grāy) [m]
wolf lobo [m]
zebra cebra [f]
zoo zoológico [m]

Are there any animals that you can think of that were not listed here? Maybe you can challenge yourself to see if you can find their Spanish names. For now, let’s focus on the list we have here.

In the ten quiz sentences listed below, a zoo animal has been shown in all capitalized letters. This time the Spanish name of the animal has been capitalized and you need to find the English name. Do you think you can do that? Then welcome to the zoo!

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  1. Michael’s favorite animal at the zoo is the JIRAFA.
    The word jirafa is Spanish for giraffe.
  2. Janice was surprised to see how small the ZORRO was.
    The word zorro is Spanish for fox.
  3. Did you see how black the PUMA was?
    The word puma is Spanish for cougar.
  4. Have you ever seen a GATO MONTÉS outside of a zoo?
    The words gato montés are Spanish for bobcat.
  5. The zoo we visited had a pack of six LOBOS.
    The word lobos is Spanish for wolves.
  6. We visited the FOCA show before the zoo closed.
    The word foca is Spanish for seal.
  7. Some people keep HURONES as pets.
    The word hurones is Spanish for ferrets. Note that the singular form of the word is hurón. When an accent mark appears in the last syllable of a word it is dropped.
  8. I was amazed at how playful the NUTRIAS were.
    The word nutrias is Spanish for otters.
  9. Why is it that AVESTRUCES put their heads in the sand?
    The word avestruces is Spanish for ostriches. Remember when a singular word ends in a 'z' the 'z' becomes a 'c' when the word is pluralized.
  10. The CAMELLOS we saw had two humps.
    Okay, this one should have been really easy. The word camellos is Spanish for camels.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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