Vocabulary - Before the Parade Passes By!

In this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be taking a look at things that you might see or find at a parade. Have you ever been to a parade? They are full of marvelous things from floats, dancers, marching bands, classic cars, military men and vehicles, cartoon characters, beauty queens, clowns, animals, flowers, balloons, streamers, and the list goes on and on. Of course, you can’t forget the crowds that come out to see the parade! Parades are just fun, festive filled events. Although this Spanish Medium Review quiz cannot take you to a parade, it can help you learn some of the many Spanish words associated with the many marvels that can be found at, in or near a parade. So get your party hat on and take a look at some parade vocabulary words!

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army ejército [m] (note that the J sounds like an H)
balloon globo [m]
band banda [f]
banner bandera [f]
cartoon dibujo animado [m] (note that the J sounds like an H)
celebration celebración [f]
clown payaso [m]
cotton candy algodón [m]
crowd multitud [f]
finale final [m]
float flotador [m]
grand marshal gran mariscal [m]
instrument instrumento [m]
marching band banda de marcha [f]
military militar [m]
noise ruido [m]
parade desfile [m]
route ruta [f]
souvenir recuerdo [m]
streamer serpentina [f]
vehicle vehículo [m]

You probably can think of a lot of other things that can be seen at a parade but for starters, this is a pretty good list to help you to be able to communicate in Spanish. Study the list, the spelling of each word and whether there are any accent marks. When you believe you are ready, then take the quiz section. There are ten sentences that are all about parades. Your task is to find the Spanish translation for the capitalized words. So come on now – let’s get started before the parade passes by!

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  1. Each year we go to town to see the big Thanksgiving Day PARADE!
    The Spanish word for parade is desfile.
  2. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are favorite CARTOON characters!
    The Spanish words for cartoon are dibujo animado.
  3. The clowns were giving away free BALLOONS!
    The Spanish word for balloons is globos.
  4. This year the CROWD was bigger than ever.
    The Spanish word for crowd is multitud.
  5. COTTON CANDY is always a favorite treat at parades!
    The Spanish word for cotton candy is algodón.
  6. Everyone cheered when the ARMY walked by!
    The Spanish word for army is ejército.
  7. Each school band held a BANNER.
    The Spanish word for banner is bandera.
  8. Johnny was afraid of the CLOWNS at first.
    The Spanish word for clowns is payasos.
  9. I counted a total of 17 FLOATS in the parade.
    The Spanish word for floats is flotadores.
  10. We like to stand near the middle of the parade ROUTE.
    The Spanish word for route is ruta.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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