Vocabulary - Clothing Accessories

Here we are back to talking about clothes! Clothes shopping can be a lot of fun for most people, especially when shopping for accessories. For some people maybe not so much but regardless of where you stand on that matter, it is still important to know the Spanish names of all kinds of clothing – both outerwear, innerwear and accessories. As clothing is so necessary, this Spanish Medium Review quiz will take a look at clothing items, including accessories, as they are called in Spanish.

When it comes to accessories, these little items can be very important to some jobs such as for a fireman, a policemen, an electrician and so on. Therefore, with no further delays, let us now look at some additional clothing items and accessories that we can dress ourselves up in!

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belt cinturón [m]
bonnet toca [f]
bow lazo [m]
bowtie corbata de larzo [f]
bra sostén [m]
bracelet pulsera [f]
camisole camisola [f]
earring arete [m]
evening gown vestido de noche [m]
glove guante [m]
headband vincha [f]
leggings polainas [f]
mitten mitón [m]
necklace collar [m] (pronounced – kō-yăh)
nightgown camisón [m]
pantyhose pantimedias [f]
pin pasador [f]
ribbon cinta [f]
robe bata [f]
sash faja [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
scarf bufanda [f]
shawl chal [m]
shorts pantalones cortos [m]
stockings medias [f]
swim trunks traje de baño [m]
tie corbata [f]
tuxedo esmoquin [m]
underwear ropa interior [f]
vest chaleco [m]

That is quite a long list of new vocabulary words. What is also important to note is that a few of the words require more than one word to describe them in Spanish such as underwear is ropa interior. Because this is such a long list, make certain that you take as much time as you need to become familiar with each word before moving on to take the quiz. When you believe that you are comfortable with the new words, then, at that time, come back and take this quiz.

There are ten sentences that each contain a word that is shown in all capitalized letters. Some sentences are in English and you must locate the correct Spanish translation of the capitalized word while other sentences are in Spanish and you must locate the correct English translation of the capitalized word. Pay close attention to spelling and whether the word should be plural or singular or masculine or feminine.

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  1. She added a blue RIBBON to her hair.
    The Spanish word for ribbon is cinta.
  2. Do you think that only young girls should were LEGGINGS?
    The Spanish word for leggings is polainas.
  3. Brian counted eleven TIES hanging up in his closet.
    The Spanish word for ties is corbatas.
  4. Juan y yo compramos a papá un CINTURÓN nuevo.
    The English word for cinturón is belt. The entire sentence translates as: John and I bought dad a new belt.
  5. Odio cuando tengo una carrera en mi MEDIAS.
    The English word for medias is stockings. The entire sentence translates as: I hate it when I have a run in my stockings.
  6. I tend to wear SHORTS almost every day in the summer.
    The Spanish words for shorts are pantalones cortos. The literal translation of this means cut pants.
  7. She wore the EARRINGS her father gave her at graduation.
    The Spanish word for earrings is aretes.
  8. Cada uno de los concursantes recibieron una FAJA con nombre de su estado.
    The English word for faja is sash. The entire sentence translates as: Each of the contestants received a sash with their state’s name on it.
  9. Ella usaba un CAMISÓN caliente en la cama.
    The English word for camisón is nightgown. The entire sentence translates as: She wore a warm nightgown to bed.
  10. She wrapped the SCARF around her face to block the cold winds.
    The Spanish word for scarf is bufanda.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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