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In this Spanish Medium Review quiz we will take a look at vocabulary words you will need to know before dining out. I think mothers’ favorite nights are those nights that the family gets to go out for dinner. What can be more relaxing and require such little clean-up as to dine out? Of course, there is dining out at McDonalds and then there is dining out at a fancy restaurant where there are waiters and waitresses and top notch chefs. Now that’s when you are really dining out!

Dining out can also happen at any time of the day. It can be done for breakfast, for brunch, for lunch and for dinner. Of course, doing it too many times can have a negative effect on the wallet, as well as the waistline. Still, it is always fun to indulge every now and then!

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So what does dining out have to do with Spanish? Well, if you want to go dining out to a nice, authentic, Spanish restaurant, it would be very helpful for you to know how to communicate with your servers. That means learning more vocabulary words. Therefore, let’s take a quick look at some dining out vocabulary words you might come across.


candle vela [f]
chef chef [m]
cocktail cóctel [m]
breakfast desayuno [m]
brunch brunch [m]
dessert postre [m]
dinner cena [f]
food comida [f]
lunch almuerzo [m]
manner manera [f]
menu menú [m]
music música [f]
napkin servilleta [f]
platter/tray bandeja [f]
restaurant restaurante [m]
silverware vajilla de plata [f] (Note that the J has an H sound)
snack tentempié [m]
tablecloth mantel [m]
waiter mesero [m]
waitress camarera [f]

After you learn these words you should be all set to dine out. Maybe you can even impress your family and friends with all of the words that you know. First, though, you need to really practice and learn them.

This quiz will help you to test what you now know about dining and it will also let you know what you may need to study up on a bit more. To do that you will be given ten sentences with a word that has been shown in all capitalized letters. That word could be shown either in English or in Spanish. From the answers given below the sentence, see if you can find the correct translation that goes with the capitalized word.

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  1. Ned’s favorite part of dining out is getting DESSERT.
    The Spanish word for dessert is postre.
  2. Father always has a CÓCTEL before the main meal.
    The word cóctel is Spanish for the word cocktail.
  3. She did not want to eat a big CENA as she was on a diet.
    The word cena is Spanish for the word dinner.
  4. Jimmy grabbed a little SNACK before they headed out for dinner.
    The Spanish word for snack is tentempié.
  5. Tracy asked the WAITRESS for some extra napkins.
    The Spanish word for waitress is camarera.
  6. The waiter brought a BANDEJA that was steaming with roasted meats.
    The word bandeja is Spanish for platter.
  7. The MANTEL was white and yellow.
    The word mantel is Spanish for tablecloth.
  8. The WAITER had on black pants, a white shirt and a black bowtie.
    The Spanish word for waiter is mesero.
  9. They were going to have LUNCH at the new restaurant.
    The Spanish word for lunch is almuerzo.
  10. The Italian restaurant uses some amazing SILVERWARE!
    The Spanish words for silverware are vajilla de plata (ware of silver).

Author: Christine G. Broome

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