Vocabulary - Down on the Farm!

This Spanish Medium Review quiz will take a look at things that you might find on a farm. Have you ever visited a farm? Maybe you grew up on one. Farming life can be very hard and yet extremely rewarding at the same time. If you grew up on a farm you probably started to learn how to milk cows by the time you were 5 years old. You might even have had the chore of collecting eggs from the chickens and cleaning the chicken house. The chores on a farm are never done because all of the animals need constant attention and when it’s planting time – that takes a lot of effort as well. All the same, farming is a chosen way of life for many so it would be nice to know some of the animals, buildings and tools that farmers work with.

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Whether you have been to a farm or not, you will find many of these items are very familiar to you. Well, maybe not their Spanish names. So now let’s get familiar with things that are down on the farm in both English and Spanish!


barn granero [m]
bridle brida [f]
corral corral [m]
crop cultivo [m]
donkey burro [m]
duck pato [m]
farmer granjero [m] (note that the J sounds like an H)
field campo [m]
geese gansos [m] (you learned ganso (goose) in Spanish Easy Review)
grain grano [m]
hay heno [m]
horse caballo [m]
mill molino [m]
mule mula [f]
ox buey [m]
plow arado [m]
saddle silla de montar [f] (the seat of ride)
sheep oveja [f]
stirrup estribo [m]
straw paja [f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
trough canal [m]
well pozo [m]
windmill molino de viento [m] (mill of wind)
yoke yugo [m]

Okay. Now let’s test your memory on these farm words. The quiz contains ten sentences with a farm item that is shown in all capitalized letters. See if you can locate the correct Spanish translation for the capitalized word or words.

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  1. Jamie could see the farmer out in the FIELD.
    The Spanish word for field is campo.
  2. Jonathan looked in the BARN for a saddle.
    The Spanish word for barn is granero.
  3. Missy was sent out to the fields to see if she could locate where the SHEEP were.
    The Spanish word for sheep is oveja. (Note: When 'the sheep' is implied, the singular form of the word is used. If you were to say 'many sheep', then the plural form would need to be used, i.e., ovejas.)
  4. Starlight was the farmer’s favorite HORSE.
    The Spanish word for horse is caballo.
  5. It was difficult but Sally finally got the YOKE onto the oxen.
    The Spanish word for yoke is yugo.
  6. The work horses pulled the PLOW through the fields.
    The Spanish word for plow is arado.
  7. Her legs were too short to fit into the STIRRUPS.
    The Spanish word for stirrups is estribos.
  8. A FARMER has to get up very early in the morning, even before sunup.
    The Spanish word for farmer is granjero.
  9. Donald had a WINDMILL on his farm.
    The Spanish word for windmill is molino de viento which actually translates as mill of wind.
  10. If the weather holds, they will have a good CROP this year!
    The Spanish word for crop is cultivo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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