Vocabulary - Love those Vegetables!

This Spanish Medium Review quiz will take a look at some of the vegetables this world has to offer. After all, how many times have you been told to eat your vegetables? Probably a lot because vegetables are very healthy for you. Some vegetables even taste like sweet fruits!

In the Spanish Easy Review quiz series you learned how to say a number of different food types in Spanish, including a few vegetables like guisantes for peas, maíz for corn, brócoli for, well, broccoli, and apio for celery. Now you are about to add in a few more scrumptious vegetables! Come on – vegetables aren’t nasty or bad, especially when they are prepared right or come fresh from the garden!

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artichoke alcachofa [f]
asparagus espárrago [m]
avocado aguacate [m]
beet remolacha [f]
cabbage col [f]
carrot zanahoria [f] (note that the H is silent)
cauliflower coliflor [f]
cucumber pepino [m]
eggplant berenjena [f] (note that the J has an H sound)
garlic ajo [m] (note that the J has an H sound)
green pepper pimiento verde [m]
leek puerro [m]
lettuce lechuga [f]
mushroom hongo [m] (note that the h is silent)
onion cebolla [f]
potato patata [f] also (la) papa
pumpkin calabaza [f]
red pepper pimiento rojo [m]
spinach espinaca [f]
sweet potato batata [f]
tomato tomate [m]

There may be a few of these vegetables that might not be among your favorites but if you are ever at a Spanish restaurant, knowing these words will help you to decide what to order and what not to order.

For this quiz, however, we love ALL vegetables and we can’t wait to eat them! Therefore, the quiz will contain ten sentences with each sentence having a vegetable included. (Note that the vegetable will not be shown in all capitalized letters so you must read the sentences carefully.) Then locate the correct Spanish word that matches that vegetable, watching for spelling and whether it is singular or plural. Try to complete the quiz without looking back at the introduction for any answers!

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  1. Father loves to smother mushrooms all over his pizza.
    The Spanish word for mushrooms is hongos.
  2. Matilda found an onion on her sandwich that she asked to be removed.
    The Spanish word for onion is cebolla.
  3. There was way too much lettuce in the salad Betty made.
    The Spanish word for lettuce is lechuga.
  4. The Andersons have several avocado trees in their backyard.
    In this sentence the vegetable avocado is being used as an adjective as it is describing what kind of trees. Since it is being used as an adjective it must take on the plural form of trees. The Spanish word for avocado is aguacate but in this sentence it must be made plural. The second answer is the singular form so it is not correct in this sentence.
  5. Mother makes the best sweet potatoes!
    The Spanish word for sweet potatoes is batatas.
  6. When it comes to beets, you can’t beat them!
    The Spanish word for beets is remolachas.
  7. Grandfather’s favorite meal is corned beef and cabbage.
    The Spanish word for cabbage is col.
  8. I’m not too fond of eggplant but I do love the color.
    The Spanish word for eggplant is berenjena.
  9. Does garlic really keep vampires away?
    The Spanish word for garlic is ajo.
  10. Kally found a red pepper in her garden.
    The Spanish word for red pepper is pimiento rojo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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