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Back in the Spanish Easy Review quiz series you learned how to say the days of the week and the months of the year. You also learned how to tell the time of the day. Those are each considered measurements of time. As we know, however, time is measured in several other incremental ways. Therefore, in this Spanish Medium Review quiz you will be looking at ways to measure time that will go down to the millisecond all the way up to millenniums!

One interesting measurement of time is that of the shadow. Now how is that a measurement? The answer is really very simple because the shadow, when you know how to read it, can tell you pretty closely what time of day it is. It can also tell you the direction of the sun and where it is in the sky. Now isn’t that interesting?! Okay then, let’s take a look at some incremental time measurements. Some of these you are already familiar with so they will be just a review. Others will be brand new.

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calendar calendario [m]
century siglo [m]
day día [f]
dawn amanecer [m]
dusk crepúsculo [m]
decade década [f]
era era [f]
eon eón [m]
evening tarde [f]
flash / sparkle destello [m]
hour hora [f]
hourglass reloj de arena [m]
millennium milenio [m]
millisecond milisegundo [m]
minute minuto [m]
month mes [m]
season estación [f] and temporada [f]
second segundo / segunda [m/f]
shadow sombra [f]
sundial reloj de sol [m]
watch / clock reloj [m]
week semana [f]
year año [m]

With this list, and your past Spanish vocabulary list, you now should be able to do pretty well on measuring time in Spanish. Do you want to test yourself to see? Okay, this is a quiz after all so let’s see how well you can measure time in Spanish. The quiz section contains ten sentences with a word shown in all capitalized letters. Your task is to locate the correct Spanish time that matches the capitalized word! Now let’s see how much of a flash you can do this in!

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  1. She would live to see the turn of the CENTURY.
    The Spanish word for century is siglo.
  2. In ancient times they often used a SUNDIAL to tell the time of the day.
    The Spanish words for sundial are reloj de sol.
  3. What WEEK do you want to go on vacation?
    The Spanish word for week is semana.
  4. He had to work late into the EVENING.
    The Spanish word for evening is tarde.
  5. Timothy ran so fast he was like just a FLASH of flesh.
    The Spanish word for flash is destello.
  6. It would be DECADES before the land would be able to recover after the volcanic eruption.
    To find the correct answer here you need to know the correct spelling. The Spanish word for decade is década. Notice that is contains an accent mark is over the 'e'. The second, third and last answers are each misspelled.
  7. You need to put on your car’s headlights at the first sign of DUSK.
    The Spanish word for dusk is crepúsculo.
  8. What DAY is Harriet’s birthday?
    The Spanish word for day is día.
  9. She only had two HOURS to get ready.
    The Spanish word for hours is horas.
  10. She could tell that it was noon because of his SHADOW.
    The Spanish word for shadow is sombra.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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