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In the Spanish Easy Review series you mainly learned about one building and that building was a house (casa). Here in the Spanish Medium Review quiz series you are about to expand your neighborhood and town and learn about many of the different types of building that may be located there. Therefore, in this Spanish Medium Review quiz we will look at vocabulary words for a number of different types of buildings.

Even though you may see many of these buildings every day, or at least every week, you probably do not even realize just how many different buildings are all around you. It almost boggles the mind! The vocabulary list is long but you probably can still come up with a few buildings that have yet to be mentioned. All the same, this is a good start to really increasing your Spanish buildings vocabulary! So let’s take a walk around the area and see what is there!

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bakery panadería [f]
bank banco [m]
bar bar [m]
building edificio [m]
chapel capilla [f]
church iglesia [f]
city hall ayuntamiento [m]
clinic clínica [f]
club club [m]
college colegio [m] (note that the G has an H sound)
concert hall sala de conciertos [f]
court corte [f]
courthouse tribunal [m]
fire station estación de bomberos [f]
garage garaje [m] (note that the G has an H sound)
gas station gasolinera [f]
grocery store tienda de abarrotes [f]
hospital hospital [m]
hotel hotel [m]
library biblioteca [f]
market mercado [m]
motel motel [m]
museum museo [m]
office oficina [f]
pharmacy farmacia [f]
police station estación de policía [f]
post office oficina de correos [f]
restaurant restaurante [m]
school escuela [f]
stadium estadio [m]
store /shop tienda [f]
temple templo [m]
theater teatro [m]
university universidad [f]

Well that certainly was a long list wasn’t it! At least on a few of these the Spanish name and the English name are exactly that same, although they are pronounced a little differently.

A little side note on the name for library. As you can see, it is biblioteca. Long ago there were not many written books except for one, the Bible. The Bible in Spanish is (la) Biblia. As it was a special book it was always kept in a special place – the biblioteca or 'the place of the Bible'. As more books were added the name expanded from just being the place of the Bible to the library for the place of many books. Now isn’t that interesting!?

Okay, it is now time to move on to the quiz. As in the previous quizzes, you will be shown ten sentences with a word that has been all capitalized. Some sentences are in English and some are in Spanish. Your task is to find the correct translation for the capitalized word, i.e., Spanish to English and English to Spanish. So let’s get moving!

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  1. Grandmother went to the Wednesday night supper at CHURCH.
    The Spanish word for church is iglesia.
  2. The TV crew had to race to the COURTHOUSE to get the news.
    The Spanish word for courthouse is tribunal.
  3. ¿Sabes dónde está la ESCUELA?
    The English word for escuela is school. The entire sentence translates as: Do you know where the school is?
  4. La clase visitó la ESTACIÓN DE BOMBEROS.
    The Spanish words 'estación de bomberos' mean 'fire station'. The entire sentence translates as: The class visited the fire station. As an added note, another way to say 'fire station' in Spanish is '(el) parque de bomberos'.
  5. My father works at the new CLINIC.
    The Spanish word for clinic is clínica.
  6. The mailman drove the truck to the POST OFFICE.
    The Spanish words for post office are oficina de correos.
  7. She went to the THEATER after she left work.
    The Spanish word for theater is teatro. (Note that theater can also be spelled as theatre.)
  8. Ella encontró el libro que quería en la BIBLIOTECA.
    The English word for biblioteca is library. The entire sentence translates as: She found the book she wanted at the library.
  9. La medicina estaba esperando en la FARMACIA.
    The English word for farmacia is pharmacy. The entire sentence translates as: The medicine was waiting at the pharmacy.
  10. Peter had to stop off at the GAS STATION before picking up his date.
    The Spanish word for gas station is gasolinera.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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