Vocabulary - People, People, Everywhere!

This Spanish Medium Review quiz will be taking a look at various members of the family and what their relationships are. You have already had a couple of quizzes on people. There were quizzes on the people in your family, quizzes on different occupations and now you have people, people, everywhere! People, people, everywhere, again, is going to focus on a mixture of relationships, as well as include a few additional types occupations. With this list, there really will not be many people you cannot name.

Now, without any further delay, let’s take a look at the people, people, everywhere!

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administrator administrador [m]
attendant guarda [m] (phonetically pronounced as gwar-da)
baby / infant bebé [m]
director director / directora [m/f]
executor ejecutor / ejecutora [m/f] (note that the J sounds like an H)
family familia [f]
granddaughter nieta [f]
grandson nieto [m]
human humano / humana [m/f] (note that the H is silent)
maid criada [f]
neighbor vecino / vecina [m/f]
relative pariente [m]
stepdaughter hijastra [f] (note that the H is silent and the J has an H sound)
stepfather padrastro [m]
stepmother madrastra [f]
stepson hijastro [m] (note that the H is silent and the J has an H sound)

That’s not too bad of a list. Remember to always practice saying each word out loud so you can hear how it sounds. Focus on the spellings and any accent marks that may appear. When you have these people set to memory, move forward to the ten quiz sentences. There is one person who has been shown in all capitalized letters in each sentence. See if you can quickly locate the Spanish word that will match the capitalized word.

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  1. Mark and Matthew come from a big FAMILY.
    The Spanish word for family is familia. It contains no accent marks.
  2. Stella had three of her GRANDDAUGHTERS help her plant her garden.
    The Spanish word for granddaughters is nietas.
  3. He reported the broken vending machine to the on-duty ATTENDANT.
    The Spanish word for attendant is guarda.
  4. Miranda loves to work in the nursery with all of the BABBIES!
    This one is a little tricky. You have learned that when a word has an accent mark in the last syllable, when that word is made plural the accent mark is dropped. This is one word that does not follow that rule. The accent mark is not dropped. The Spanish word for baby is bebé and the plural of that word is bebés.
  5. If you were rich, would you hire a MAID?
    The Spanish word for maid is criada.
  6. She was looking forward to being a STEPMOTHER to her new husband’s children.
    The Spanish word for stepmother is madrastra” Answer (d) is correct.
  7. Carol and Charles went next door to meet their new NEIGHBORS.
    The Spanish word for neighbors is vecinos. This includes both male and female neighbors. Answer (b) is correct.
  8. Angela was chosen as the new DIRECTOR of the school’s play.
    As Angela is a female you know you need the feminine form of the word. This means the second and third answers can be eliminate. The Spanish word for director is directora. There are no accent marks in the word.
  9. Do you know if any of your RELATIVES have arrived yet?
    The Spanish word for relatives is parientes.
  10. Daniel believed that his STEPSON was an amazing young man!
    The Spanish word for stepson is hijastro.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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